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36 of 36 Items
Gorgeous Halo Engagement Ring Mountings for SALE – Customize Your Very Own Engagmeent Ring With Halo Style Accents
A Halo Engagement ring mounting is a stylish and beautiful choice. If you choose the same accents and center gemstone, for example diamond accents surrounding a diamond, this creates the illusion of a bigger gemstone since the sparkly bling of a diamond surrounded by diamonds creates the look of one big diamond. Yet, the halo can be used as a contrast and frame if you choose a colored gemstone for your main stone or perhaps colored stones for the accents. At AfricaGems there are no rules when customizing a gemstone engagement ring and all of the options are yours to select. In addition to choosing the type of accents and main gemstone, you can customize the metal type and ring size as well. The link to customize the mounting will lead you to the AfricaGems showcase site which presents you with a plethora of customization options. The ethereal and beautiful Halo style ring is one that is a popular choice for its perennial beauty.

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