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Natural Star Sapphire Gemstones - Beautiful Loose Blue Star Sapphires & Loose Black Star Sapphires at AfricaGems Shop Natural Blue & Black Star Sapphire Gemstones – Genuine Star Sapphire Gems for SALE
Star Sapphires are unique Sapphire gems that exhibit a special property known as asterism. Asterism in gemstones is the phenomenon of a reflective area on the surface of a cabochon cut stone reflecting light in the shape of a star. Sure, we could go into the optical properties of the mineral corundum and it’s interaction with light in the cabochon form, but instead, we prefer to let this phenomenon remain mysterious and mystical. Because when you see a Star Sapphire in person, there’s something otherworldly about it, as if a star from the heavens somehow ended up in a precious gemstone. Who doesn’t love the concept of wearing a gemstone ring or pendant that had a fallen star contained within. The idea of gifting someone a star can add extra depth and meaning to a gemstone jewelry gift with a star sapphire.

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