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Gorgeous Post Back Stud Earring Mountings for Loose Matched Gemstones for SALE - Shop Gemstone Earrings Mountings
Customize Stud Style Earring Mountings - FREE Shipping
Best Stud Earrings Mountings for Loose Colored Gemstones – Design Custom Stud Earrings
Stud Earrings are beautiful, classic and an easy and comfortable accessory. This collection of Stud Earrings Mountings gives you the chance to completely customize your personal stud earrings. Choose the gemstone type, color and shape. Choose the metal type and customize whatever accents there might be. This is your opportunity to play jewelry designer to create earrings that are perfectly suited to your tastes. Maybe you have old earrings that you no longer wear and they are sitting and collecting dust in your jewelry box. Just have the gemstones from those earrings transferred into one of these stylish stud earrings mountings and voila, you’ll have a brand new pair of earrings with gemstones that were getting no love in the bottom of your jewelry box. All of these stud earrings mountings come with comfortable and reliable stud backs, which is another piece of the picture that you can customize. With all of the options that you are given, you can either keep the price down to suit your budget or ramp the quality and luxury up to suit your needs. When it comes to these earrings mountings, you’re the boss!

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