Chatham Gemstones - From Humble Beginnings - The Unique Discovery of Lab Grown Chatham Gemstones
The renowned Chatham gemstone has its roots in a San Francisco garage occupied by a 12 year old chemistry buff in the 1920s. Carroll Chatham was always drawn to scientific experimentation and as a young boy he set up a lab in his parent's garage, creating home-made smoke bombs and fireworks for fun. He later became interested in gemstones and replicated some of Henri Moisson's 1890 failed diamond creation experiments. After an explosion shook his entire neighborhood resulted from the immense pressure being used, Chatham turned his attention to Emeralds as crystal formation requires less pressure. When he left home for college, his father serendipitously pulled the power plug on the science project which enabled Emeralds to form in the crucible. After three years of trying to understand exactly how the Emerald crystals had grown, he realized that by duplicating the conditions deep within the Earth, with the proper temperatures, pressures and chemical solutions, that his laboratory was capable of actually growing gems. In 1938, after many years of research and determination, Carroll F. Chatham, a self-taught scientist in California, had finally discovered the secret of growing gems. A discovery so unique, it remains a carefully guarded family secret to this day.

Welcome to The World of Chatham Created Gemstones - What are Chatham Gems?
Chatham Created Gems, also known as Chatham grown gems or Chatham lab-grown gems, are synthetic gemstones that are produced in a laboratory setting using advanced chemical and physical processes. These gems are created to be visually and chemically identical to their natural counterparts, and are often used as an alternative to natural gems in jewelry and other applications. Chatham Created Gems are produced using a process called hydrothermal synthesis, which involves the use of high temperatures and pressures to stimulate the growth of gemstone crystals in a laboratory setting. This process allows Chatham to create a wide range of gemstones, including diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and emeralds, as well as less common gems such as alexandrite, tanzanite, and sphene.  One of the main advantages of Chatham Created Gems is that they are more environmentally friendly and sustainable than natural gems, as they do not require mining or other resource-intensive processes. In addition, Chatham Created Gems are typically more affordable than natural gems, making them a more accessible option for consumers.  Chatham Created Gems are also known for their high quality and consistency, as they are carefully controlled and produced in a laboratory setting. This allows Chatham to produce gems with a higher level of purity and clarity than is often possible with natural gems.  Overall, Chatham Created Gems are a high-quality and sustainable alternative to natural gems, and are popular among consumers who are looking for affordable and environmentally friendly options.

Are Chatham Created Gemstones Real or Imitation?
Chatham Create gems are 100% real gemstones. Just as cultured pearls are formed in a controlled environment that replicates the natural process, so too Chatham gemstones created in a laboratory are just as real as naturally occurring gems. By precisely manipulating chemical and environmental factors with special computers, the crystals are left to grow of the course of about a year. These gemstones possess the same physical, chemical, spectral and optical qualities of mined gems at a fraction of the cost.

Amazing Man-Made Gems - Superior to Mined Gemstone
Chatham Synthetic Gems are so remarkable because in the controlled laboratory environment Chatham is able to produce stones that are perfect in color and clarity. Using advanced technology, the Chatham lab eliminates foreign materials that occur naturally in the earth from their starting chemicals therefore the synthetic gems are without the unsightly inclusions that so often mar a wild gem's beauty. In a way, man-made gems offer superior beauty at a much lower cost. Just think of the stunning gemstone jewelry you can create with these gorgeous man-made gems.

Reasons to Buy Synthetic Chatham Gemstones
With a commitment to the highest standard of quality and service and a long term history of achievement and presence in the find jewelry industry, Chatham synthetic gems are truly the best choice. Not only are they identical chemical, optical, and physical characteristics to their mined equivalents, but they are also the most beautiful gemstones at a fraction of the prices of their natural counterparts. These lab grown gemstones are never treated, colors are permanent, and part of the growth process. Plus, Chatham Gemstones are the only gemstones covered by a lifetime warranty.