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The beauty of the rare gem Moissanite from Charles & & Colvard, the creators of Moissanite gemstones is like nothing else on earth in fact, it was born of a star. Fifty thousand years ago, a meteorite crashed into the Arizona desert, scattering fragments for many miles. Hidden in them was a brilliant secret waiting to be discovered: a new mineral whose brilliance, radiance and luster surpassed that of Diamond itself. This mineral was called Moissanite, named for Nobel Prize-winning scientist Henri Moissan, who studied the meteor's fragments in the 19th century

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Moissanite gems, like Chatham gems, are lab created gems that exhibit the same chemical makeup as natural Moissanite. However, when it comes to Moissanite, there is debate to whether it occurs naturally on earth; the original Moissanite samples were found in a meteorite. All commercial Moissanite gemstones are synthetic, and they are a brilliant and radiant alternative to diamonds.

The Allure of Lab Created Moissanite
Naturally occurring quantities of Moissanite are so small, however, that gem-size crystals did not exist until 1998 when, Charles & Colvard introduced laboratory-grown crystals of this otherworldly jewel to the international market. Charles & and Colvard Created loose Moissanite boasts fire, brilliance and luster beyond all jewels. Its superb hardness and unmatched beauty are now, for the first time, available on earth.

Moissanite Outshines Diamonds
Moissanite is in a category of gemstones all its own, with unmatched brilliance. In technical terms there are objective measures for rating gemstones such as refractive index and fire; refractive index measures the brilliance and fire measures the flashes of rainbow color emitted from the stone. A high level of these two qualities produces an extreme sparkle. Diamonds, with a refractive index of 2.42 and a fire of .044, are completely outshined by Moissanite, which boasts a refractive index of 2.65 and fire of .104. In simple terms, the shine and sparkle found in Moissanite is a category of bling that is not found anywhere else on this earth.

How Durable is Moissanite?
The durability of gemstones is measured by hardness, toughness and stability. Hardness describes the level of scratch resistance, toughness refers to the ability to withstand force and stability deals with the ability to withstand exposure chemicals and temperatures. In terms of hardness, Moissanite ranks a whopping 9.5/10 on the scale. Moissanite's toughness is unparalleled as it does not have a direction of cleavage which creates structural weakness in gems like Diamonds. Moissanite stones can withstand temperatures of over 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit and are impervious to harsh chemicals, rendering them amazingly stable. To put it mildly, you will not have an easy time scratching, cracking or ruining your Moissanite.

Stunning Jewelry With Mad-Made Moissanite Gems
This serendipitous gemstone that appeared from somewhere in the abyss of our Galaxy contains all the mystery and intrigue of the unknown as well as all of the beauty and strength of this earth. When you look at the different cuts of Moissanite the breathtaking emerald cut that seems to have a brilliant sparkle emanating from each facet, or the unique trillion cut that invites us to get lost in its shiny depths--it's easy to picture wearing jewelry with these breathtaking gems. Synthetic Moissanite could be used for a dazzling earring, bring glamour regality to the wearer. Or perhaps an eye-catching cocktail ring that, with its colorless brilliance, would surely compliment any outfit.

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