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Morganite Pairs
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Beautiful Pink Morganite Beryls for Sale at AfricaGems - Pink Beryl - Beautiful Morganite Gemstones
We are proud to announce that we are now stocking fabulous, gemmy Morganite loose gemstones. A member of the beryl family of gemstones, like emerald, Aquamarine, yellow beryl and green beryl, pink beryl or Morganite is a relatively unknown gemstone among the general public. Some wholesale gemstone dealers and even some of the jewelry TV channels have attempted to call Morganite "pink emerald"!

What Qualifies a Morganite As Gem Quality?
Being a member of the beryl family, Morganite is hard (8 on Mohs scale) and durable, meaning it has no cleavage and is resistant to breakage. All Morganite should be inclusion-free, like Aquamarine and can occur in large sizes. The dominant color of gem-quality Morganite is usually a variation of pink. A deep shade of pink is very rare in Morganite, and the very best top-grade Morganites don't have the color saturation of other pink gemstones like a gem pink sapphire. Morganites with a strong peach color component are also highly prized.

Morganite Gems are Affordable
Large Morganite gems are also very affordable! Fine quality gems in the 5 to 10 carat range are usually priced around $200 per carat with the very exceptional gem going for as much as $800/carat but these gems are very rare.

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