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Morganite Pairs
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Beautiful Pink Morganite Beryls for Sale at AfricaGems - See The Video of This Gem Morganite

Pink Beryl - Beautiful Morganite Gemstones
We are proud to announce that we are now stocking fabulous, gemmy Morganite loose gemstones. A member of the beryl family of gemstones, like emerald, Aquamarine, yellow beryl and green beryl, pink beryl or Morganite is a relatively unknown gemstone among the general public. Some wholesale gemstone dealers and even some of the jewelry TV channels have attempted to call Morganite "pink emerald"!

What Qualifies a Morganite As Gem Quality?
Being a member of the beryl family, Morganite is hard (8 on Mohs scale) and durable, meaning it has no cleavage and is resistant to breakage. All Morganite should be inclusion free, like Aquamarine and can occur is large sizes. The dominant color of gem quality Morganite is usually a variation of pink. A deep shade of pink is vey rare in Morganite, and the very best top grade Morganites don't have the color saturation of other pink gemstones like a gem pink sapphire. Morganites with a strong peach color component are also highly prized.

Morganite Gems are Affordable
Large Morganite gems are also very affordable! Fine quality gems in the 5 to 10 carat range are usually priced around $200 per carat with the very exceptional gem going for as much as $800/carat but these gems are very rare.

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