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Created Lab Diamonds in Small Sizes and Shapes- Melee Sized Diamonds Lab | AfricaGems

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23 of 23 Items

AfricaGems Lab Grown Diamond Inventory - Largest Online Melee Lab Diamond Inventory
We just added the hard to find Heart Shape lab grown diamond melee in our inventory. 
AfricaGems maintains the largest selection of small loose diamonds that are lab grown or reerred to also as man made.  We are ready to ship those hard to find shapes like Baguette, Tapered Baguette, Radiant, Heart Shape, Trillion Cut, Asscher Cut and Cushion cut all in top quality lab grown diamond at fantastic low prices.

 Discover Unique Lab-Grown Diamond Shapes & Small Size Options at AfricaGems
At AfricaGems, we are thrilled to introduce our expanded lab diamond small size inventory, now featuring a diverse range of shapes and cuts including hard-to-find shapes. We proudly offer one of the most extensive collections of small size lab diamonds, particularly focusing on melee lab diamonds, catering to diverse preferences and needs of our valued customers.

Why Opt for Lab-Grown Diamonds? Shop Small Size Lab Diamonds & Melee
Natural diamonds, formed over millions of years within the Earth, possess unparalleled allure and value. However, our small size lab diamonds exhibit remarkable beauty, often surpassing their natural counterparts. Lab diamonds are exactly the same as natural genuine diamonds optically and physically, but grown in a labratory under special tempurture and pressure conditions.  Crafted under controlled conditions, these lab-grown diamonds are renowned for their uniform color, exceptional clarity, and frequently, the absence of inclusions. As an ideal choice for replacement lab diamonds in small sizes, they provide an equally stunning yet cost-effective alternative for diamond enthusiasts.

Comprehensive Range of Lab-Created Loose Diamond Melee
AfricaGems takes immense pride in our vast assortment of replacement lab diamonds in small sizes, ensuring we meet the varied preferences of our discerning clientele. Our inventory includes melee lab diamonds with sizes of up to 1.0 carats and four distinct quality tiers. We stock F+ color and VS clarity grade melee lab diamonds, as well as G-H SI quality grade loose diamond melee, assuring a range that caters to different needs and budgets.  Discover our exquisite selection of replacement lab diamonds in small sizes. Whether you're seeking a specific cut, shape, or quality, AfricaGems stands ready to provide exceptional options to meet your needs. With unmatched prices, quality, and variety, AfricaGems is your ultimate destination for small size lab diamonds and melee lab diamonds.

Melee Lab Diamonds
Undeniably, there is something special about a genuine, natural diamond that was formed inside the depths of the earth for thousands of years, and that's why genuine diamonds are valuable and expensive. However, to the untrained eye, imitation, synthetic and man made diamonds can be just as beautiful, if not more beautiful than their natural counterparts. Created in a controlled, manufactured environment, lab diamonds are more uniform in color and clarity, and many will not contain any inclusions. If you love the look of genuine diamonds but don't want the hefty price tag, lab grown diamonds are a great alternative.