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Chatham Ruby
Chatham Ruby Gemstones - Largest Selection of Loose Chatham Rubies Gemstones from Chatham in GEM Grade at AfricaGems
Chatham Created Ruby - Genuine Chatham Ruby Gemstones
Glowing with passionate intensity, the Ruby is steeped in legend. Its fiery red color was thought to be an inextinguishable flame, lit from within. Its power was highly regarded, and as possession indicated royalty, Ruby became known as the Stone of Kings.

Chatham Ruby Discovery
In 1949, Carroll F. Chatham began scientific research into nature’s secret of growing gem quality Ruby. After years of experimentation, he was finally rewarded. In 1958, he introduced the Chatham Created Ruby, a gemstone identical in beauty and physical properties to its natural counterpart.

Celebrate With Loose Chatham Rubies
Rubies are the gemstone of choice for the 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries as well as the birthstones for January and July. No matter the occasion, a gift of a Chatham Ruby will always be enthusiastically received, because who would not appreciate the beauty and elegance of a gem quality Chatham Ruby? Check out all of the amazing faceted shapes of man-made Rubies for a special gift for your favorite lady.

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