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Fantastic Quality on New Selected Peridot Gemstones
AfricaGems has brought in a fabulous collection of loose peridot gemstones. Peridot gems are not that well known with the general public, but that is simply because most people are used to the small sized gems seen on jewelry tv or local jewelry stores. These venues don't have the selection or access to fine quality, large sized Peridot gems. A fine Peridot gemstone is characterized by a brilliant yellowish green color and is typically eye clean. The finest gems from Pakistan and Burma have a flourescent green hue that is just gorgeous. Also we have the best selection of matched peridot gems anywhere. Enjoy!!

**NEW** A Fabulous Selection of the Finest Black Opals Genuine Gemstones
AfricaGems has just received a stunning array of select Australian Black Opal Gems. These fascinating beauties originate from the Lightning Ridge! Each unique stone displays mesmerizing color, life, and pattern. Sure to receive plenty of compliments- these timeless pieces are truly an investment. Ranging from just under one carat to almost 10 carats, you're sure to find the perfect gemstone for whatever your heart desires. It would be our dream to make one of the mid-size Opals into a perfect statement ring, to be worn for generations to come.

Just In! Magnificent Collection of Fascinating Spinel Gemstones
A wondrous array of beautiful Spinel gemstones have just arrived at AfricaGems. This newest collection offers a range of colors including pink, blue, red, and purple-- all ideal for custom, high quality jewelry, all affordable and classy gems! These glimmering beauties are sourced from Ceylon, Sri Lanka, Burma, Tanzania, and Vietnam! Talk about exotic beauty! these gorgeous natural wonders display dazzling unheated beauty, highlighted with skillful cuts in a range of carat weights. Our favorite of the moment is a 3.2 carat Vietnamese Pinkish red Spinel, just waiting to be made into the perfect pendant stone! Enjoy!

New! Fabulous Selections of Tourmaline Varieties of Blue Green, Pink, and Rubelite Gemstones
AfricaGems has just received a magnificent selection of a variety of high quality Tourmaline gems including dazzling Blue Green Tourmaline, fascinating Pink Tourmaline, and radiant Rubelite Tourmaline. These majestic gems originate from Brazil, Nigeria, Easy Africa, and Afghanistan. Bearing beautiful, skilled cuts, high levels of brilliance, as well as breath-taking hues of the rainbow, these precious gems are sure to be snapped up quickly. Make sure to stop by the Tourmaline matched pairs section to check out the new perfectly matched pairs just waiting to be made into your ideal custom set of earrings!

**Just Arrived** Gorgeous Green Tourmaline Loose Gemstones and Matched Pairs
A fantastic selection of the highest quality Green Tourmaline gemstones has just arrived at AfricaGems. These faceted beauties display dazzling green color in a range of light, medium, and rich tones. This stunning collection boasts many loose gems perfect for use in custom ring or pendant settings, as well as several well-matched pairs, ideal to take center stage as a glimmering pair of earrings. Sourced mainly from Brazil, these exotic gems boast high clarity ratings, shimmering brilliance, and fascinating cuts and color! Check out the new selection today!

NEW!! First Time at AfricaGems- Colored Zircon Loose Faceted Gemstones!
For the first time ever, AfricaGems has just received a magnificent shipment of glorious colored Zircon Gemstones. This new collection boasts trendy Brown Zircon, Yellow Zircon, White Zircon and Green Zircon all with impeccable cuts and high clarity ratings. Sourced from exotic locales such as Tanzania, Ceylon, Madagascar and Sri Lanka, these precious gemstones are a rare treat for the eyes. Perfect for any jewelry ensemble pick one up today! Our favorites are the Rose toned Brown Zircon, with such unique color they are sure to be the talk of the town. Enjoy!

Just In! Fabulous Chrome and Bi Color Tourmaline Gemstones
AfricaGems has just received a lovely collection of highest quality Chrome and Bi Color Tourmaline Gemstones. These fantastic finds hail from Brazil and Africa. With clarity ratings of Eye Clean Plus, glimmering brilliance, and fascinating color, you can't go wrong! Any of the Bi Color Tourmaline pieces are sure to be conversation starters with their unique dual color appearance. These gems are surly unique! Or take a look at our new rare Chrome Tourmaline gems, these bright stones boast rich, grassy to forest green hues-- perfect for any nature lover. AfricaGems has new inventory arriving constantly so check back soon!

**NEW** Stunning Array of Unbelievable Fancy Sapphire Genuine Gems and Gemstone Pairs!

A magnificent collection of astounding Fancy colored Sapphire loose gemstones and gem pairs has just arrived at AfricaGems! These faceted beauties hail from Ceylon and Madagascar. This collection boasts gems of astonishing hues- pastel pink, hot pink, magenta, cheerful yellow, colorless white, and royal purple these gems are visions of the rainbow! With high clarity ratings, gorgeous cuts, and incredible brilliance these gems leave nothing to be desired. Sapphires are always in style; imagine a 1.69 carat pear cut Purple Sapphire set in white gold with diamond accents- a perfect statement ring. The possibilities are endless. Enjoy!

*Just IN* Remarkable Selection of Highest Quality Blue Tourmaline Gems
AfricaGems has just received a glorious collection of fine Blue Tourmaline gemstones including faceted loose stones as well as many well-matched pairs. These majestic blue beauties shine from within with true radiance. The gems in this collection display fantastic levels of clarity, impeccable cuts, and nice proportions. Originally sourced from exotic locales such as Brazil, Africa, and Afghanistan, these stylish gems will be the perfect addition to any piece of custom jewelry. One of our favorite matched pairs is a set of 4.24 carat Radiant Cut Neon Medium Blue Tourmaline gems which display great clarity and life. Check out these stunning gems today!

Spectacular Selection of Radiant Blue Zircon Faceted Gemstones Just In!
An out-of-this-world collection of superb, high quality Blue Zircon gemstones have just arrived at AfricaGems. These precious, lively gems light up with natural brilliance. In perfect, stylish majestic blue tones, these gemstones are well suited for jewelry- especially at these price points! This collection offers a wide array of sizes, from just over one carat to over 11 carats, there is sure to be something for everyone. One of our favorites is a dazzling 5.26 carats Round Cut magnificent gemstone, an incredible choice for a center stone. Sourced from Cambodia, these highly sought after gems are just waiting to be picked up and set into a stunning jewelry creation. Enjoy!

Unbelievable Collection of Precious Topaz and Imperial Topaz Gemstones Just In!
Here at AfricaGems we have just received a stunning shipment of top-quality Precious Topaz and Imperial Topaz genuine gemstones. Most of these beauties hail from Brazil and are unheated, completely natural gorgeous stones. With a lovely variety of colors ranging from Golden Peach to Pastel Pink, these classy gems are truly delightful to behold. This beautiful collection includes many wonderfully well-matched pairs in an assortment of sizes- any of which would be perfect for a tasteful set of earrings. One of our favorites from this collection is the feminine, pastel pink Pear shaped Topaz gem at 3.67 carats. This piece would be charming set in a white or rose gold necklace. The options are endless! Enjoy!

**NEW** Gorgeous Array of Dazzling Rhodolite and Spessartite Garnet Loose Gemstones
An unbelievable selection of eye-catching Rhodolite Garnet and Spessartite Garnet Gemstones has just arrived at AfricaGems! These gorgeous, color-popping specimens display outrageous raspberry or orange tones. With impeccable cuts and fantastic clarity, this batch of all-star stones hits it out of the park. For that special someone who is unique and appreciative of the fine things in life, pick out a pair of perfect Pear Shaped Spessartite Garnet gems. They will make stunning earrings and be the talk of the party with their exotic, extraordinary charm. Or if you are in the market for a truly rare gem, take a look at one of the larger sized, over 10 carat Rhodolite or Spessartite Garnets. Enjoy the new collection!

NEW! Collection of Top Ruby Gems
A gorgeous array of fantastic, top-quality Ruby gemstones have just arrived at AfricaGems. With magnificent radiant Red color, these gems steal the show. True Burmese beauties, these rare finds are ever increasing in value. This specific collection offers beautiful loose gems as well as unbelievable matched pairs that will make perfect Ruby earrings. Red is always in fashion as the classic gemstone. Come check out these dazzling stones and remember that as stunning as these gems are, true beauty is always more breathtaking in real life.

**JUST IN** Fabulous Selection of Unique Grossular Garnet Gemstones
AfricaGems has just received a stunning array of scintillating Grossular Garnet gems. With unbelievable cut and gorgeous color, these gems glimmer with true magnificence. These mysterious beauties were born in Mali, Kenya, and Nigeria, come see for yourself their exotic splendor. This collection boasts many stunning matched pairs and even a matched three piece suite. With colors ranging from classic Grossular mint green to a unique lovely light yellow with a hint of green, the gems in this set leave little to be desired!

Delicious Peridot Gemstones from Burma & Pakistan Just Arrived
A new selection of high quality Peridot gemstones, Burmese peridots and pakistani peridots have just arrived in our vaults. These fascinating gemstones display unbelievable cut and color with an attractive, reasonable price tag. Their unique shades of majestic green will attract only the best attention. Stop by our peridot page today and check out these beauties!

NEW!!!! Top Quality Tanzanite Gems Just In!!
Check out the exceptional clarity, and amazing cuts in our new inventory of loose Tanzanite stones. With bold and lively blue colors, these stunning tanzanite gemstones are great centerpieces for jewelry. You must see our few exceptional large and world class Tanzanites of incredible size and quality.

JUST ARRIVED!!!! Amazing New Blue Sapphire Gemstones
This New Shipment of Fine Loose Blue Sapphires features Rare, Beautiful Top Quality Sapphire Gemstones. These Special Loose Blue Sapphire Gems Display Vivid, Bright Blue Colors and Originate from Ceylon or Kancha. Don't Miss Out on These Unbelievable Hard to Find Sapphires.

**NEW** Stellar Blue Sapphire Natural Gemstones
An outstanding selection of high quality Blue Sapphire genuine gemstones has just arrived at AfricaGems. This fascinating array features loose faceted top Sapphire Gemstones with excellent cuts and high levels of vibrancy and life. Sourced from Kancha, Ceylon, and Madagascar, each of these exotic beauties tells its own story of radiance and fire. Any of these highly sought after gem stones will be the highlight of your collection. One of our favorites is the extremely large and hard to find 7.1 carat Cushion Cut Unheated Blue Sapphire. This star of our collection truly shines with brilliance and inner depth. Come check out the new additions today!

We just got in 4 larger Alexandrites of unparelled quality and size. These rare gemstones are rarely seen in the clarity and dramatic color change that these display. These are all certified and show true to life colors. Really fine fine gems.
A huge collection of fine Namibian Demantoid garnets have also come in and are just gorgeous. Did you know that demantoid garnets are brighter than diamonds? Yes they are just fabulous looking gemstones. Our demantoids are hand selected for large sizes, extreme fine cutting and superb material. These are as good as it gets. You won't tire of looking at these gems!!!

NEW!!! very fine, top quality Blue Sapphire Gems just added! This new shipment of amazing Blue Sapphire is really something else. These gems display brilliant clarity, have superior cuts and are evenly and beautifully colored. You don't see Sapphires like this every day! Such special gems!

**NEW** Absolutely Stunning True Paraiba Tourmaline Gems
A gorgeous array of mind-blowing Paraiba Tourmaline gemstones have just made their way into the AfricaGems vault. Born in Mozambique, Nigeria, and Brazil, these unbelievable gemstones shine brighter than almost any other gem. With dazzling tones of blue ranging from majestic sky blue to a lovely greenish hue these gems do not disappoint. These gems boast vivid saturation, flawless cuts, and fine clarity. If you are in the market for a new Paraiba Tourmaline you simply must check out these sparkling stars of our collection!

**NEW** Fantastic Collection of Gorgeous Beryl Gemstones!
New to the AfricaGems vault: A stunning selection of Green Beryl, Yellow Beryl and peachy pink Morganite gems. This fabulous stones exhibit fanstic color, brilliance, and clarity. Come check out the new collection to see some fabulously large stones, such as the over 24 carat Oval cut Unheated Green Beryl with its truly breathtaking mint green color. We love these vibrant pastel hues, as they are classic and complimentary to so many other stones. Enjoy!