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White Sapphire Gemstones - Loose Genuine White Sapphire Gems for Sale

Gem Quality White Sapphires at
White Sapphires have been around for thousands of years. They have been used as a Diamond substitute for as long as jewelry has been made by humans. Because it is hard and durable, it is a natural choice as a low cost Diamond substitute. Nowadays, White Sapphire has been enjoying a renewed interest among jewelry designers and artisans that work with colored gemstones. Although quite rare in large sizes over 10 carats, smaller sizes are readily available. Large white sapphires are exceptionally rare in pure white color, as any slight impurity will give the stones a tint of color, mostly blue.

White Sapphire and Fashion Rings
Because white sapphire is readily available in smaller sizes, under 3 carats, in very white to pure white color, they are very popular in fashion rings or cocktail rings . Used as a centerstone in a fashion gemstone ring, with colored gemstone accents is a fantastic combination that is sure to impress your friends on your new "diamond ring"!

A Substitute for Diamond?
An array of excellent quality genuine White Sapphire natural gemstones is stocked in the AfricaGems vaults. Each loose stone displays excellent cut, life and clarity. White Sapphires look very similar to Diamonds, they are almost as hard and durable (scoring a 9 on the Mohs Hardness Scale), yet are far more affordable. Large loose White Sapphires are exceptionally rare in pure white color, because any slight impurity will give the stone a tint of blue or grey color. White Sapphires in diamond cut are an excellent alternative to much more expensive Diamond melee as accents in gemstone jewelry. Smaller sizes are more readily available and we at AfricaGems have a beautiful range of free size faceted White Sapphire gemstones. The main sources of White Sapphire stones are Sri Lanka, Australia, Thailand, Burma, Madagascar, Cambodia and Tanzania. Most of the larger sized White Sapphires available today are from Sri Lanka, and are commonly known as "Ceylon White Sapphires'.

White Sapphire - A Rich Historical Gem
Throughout history Sapphires have been known as a gem of royalty, some believe that the Ten Commandments were written on Sapphire gemstone. The British Crown Jewels contain many large Sapphires meant to symbolize pure and wise rulers. Sapphire contains much richness and beauty and White Sapphire is no exception.

Shop Stunning White Sapphires at AfricaGems
AfricaGems stocks a wide variety of discounted White Sapphires. Whether used as a centergem or as accents in jewelry you will be amazed at the beauty, durability, and versatility of these gorgeous loose White Sapphire stones that we offer. In accordance with US law, we at AfricaGems ensure complete disclosure of gem treatment. We also guarantee complete satisfaction or your money back.