Modern Birthstone for October are Genuine Opal and Tourmaline - Natural Tourmaline & Opal Birthstones
The obvious connection between the two modern October birthstones is the rainbow: Tourmalines range in color from pink to green to earth tones to different shades of blue, while Opals contain an entire rainbow of colors within each stone. This should come as no surprise to those born in October; they usually have colorful, fun personalities and get along with all types of people. People with October birthdays love variety and have very diverse interests. It is perfect, therefore, that their birthstones should come in a variety of hues and display multiple shades, reflecting their colorful nature. Opals, with their pulsating display of fire and color, were long thought to hold magical powers and were often revered by royals. The changing colors and flashing fire seen in Opal are symbolic of love, life, hope and truth. Tourmaline represents happiness, compassion and spirituality and is known to endow the wearer with those qualities.

Zodiac Birthstone for October are Peridots - Natural Zodiac Peridot Birthstones
For those who were born under the Libra zodiac, symbolized by judgment, balance and partnership, their birthstone is the beautiful green Peridot. Peridot is a stone known for it's healing properties and for shielding the wearer against negative emotions. The Hawaiins treasured Peridot, believing the gem to be the tears of the Goddess Pele. In other cultures, Peridot was believed to help dreams become reality and to drive away the evil spirits of nights. AfricaGems has a stunning selection of loose faceted Peridot as well as Peridot rings for you to find the perfect Peridot gemstone gift.

Birthstone Poem by Oliver Farrington
"October's child is born for woe,
And life's vicissitudes must know;
But lay an opal, on her breast,
And hope will lull those woes to rest."