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Lapis Luzuli
Blue Lapis Gemstones - Loose Blue Lapis Lazuli Stone is Available at AfricaGems
Loose Lapis Gemstones in Calibrates Sizes
Capturing the elusive blues of deep waters and night skies, Lapis gemstones have long been revered for their stunning azure hue. With an instantly luxurious splash of color speckled with gold flakes of Pyrite, the vivacious blue of Lapis has year-round appeal. Especially fitting in combination with pearls and marine inspired designs, you will also see Lapis in designs that reflect older Mediterranean civilizations. Lapis is a gemstone that embodies both the latest fashion trends and the ancient world cultures.

History & Lore
Lapis was one of the first gemstones used for jewelry, appearing throughout the Mediterranean as early as 4000 B.C. Archaeologists have uncovered carvings and decorative chains featuring Lapis Lazuli in the areas of Mesopotamia, Egypt Greece, and Rome. Lapis is representative of truth and friendship. It is said to assist relationships—allowing its wearer to openly express their opinions and find balance and harmony with others.

Interesting Facts About Lapis
Lapis also has had immeasurable value to the art world. Both artists and fabric weavers alike have had very few natural ways to express their brilliant blue dreams and prior to synthetic dies, ground Lapis was the only mineral that could produce the vivid blue pigment ultramarine. Ultramarine was treasured because, unlike other paints, its color intensified over time instead of fading. The pigment was so rare it was reserved for the most cherished paintings.

Lapis Jewelry
Mined in Afghanistan, Argentina, Canada and Chile, Lapis has a hardness of 5-6 on the Moh’s hardness scale and should be worn with care. AfricaGems carries a large variety of gem-quality Lapis gemstones in all calibrated sizes. Lapis gemstones are ideal for a colorful bracelet or an eye-catching pendant.

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