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Best Imitation Alexandrite Gemstones in Standard Sizes - Loose Non Genuine Color Change Alexandrites Imitation
Shop Beautiful Imitation Alexandrite Gemstones for Birthstone Jewelry – Standard Size Loose Non Genuine Alexandrite for SALE
With Alexandrites sometimes considered a precious gemstone, alongside Sapphires, Rubies and Emeralds, the price tags are sometimes prohibitively high. For a custom jewelry project, especially for either a child or jewelry meant to be worn on a daily basis, Imitation Alexandrite gemstones are the perfect alternative, and the non-discerning eye will never know the difference. Best of all, these imitation non-genuine Alexandrite gemstones exhibit a color change property, because it wouldn’t be an Alexandrite if it didn’t change colors in different lighting! These lovely man made imitation gems display a grayish purple color with a slight color change to violet red. With a large selection of gemstone shapes and standard sizes, Imitation Alexandrite gems are suitable for all mountings that are sized for calibrated gemstones.

Low Price Non Authentic Color Change Alexandrite Gemstones for Her
One of the many practical ways to use imitation gemstones is for custom birthstone jewelry. Any project that involves multiple gems is bound to be pricey. Therefore, create a beautiful birthstone creation—for example a gift for a mother with all of her children’s birthstones included—and use imitation gemstones which will keep the price down but the gift will still be extremely meaningful!

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