Gorgeous Earrings Mountings for SALE - Customize Your Own Gemstone Earrings With These Fabulous Mountings
Earrings are an amazing way to accessorize. With colored gemstone earrings you can instantaneously add a fun pop of color that will brighten your eyes and add a lovely quality to your entire look. Earrings have a magical mark that regardless of the rest of your dress, whether or not your face is made up, you will automatically look put-together and refined when you're wearing earrings. Even the simplest studs will change your overall appearance from drab to fab in an instant. At AfricaGems we offer an amazing selection of earrings mountings that gives you a plethora of options to customize your earrings to suit exactly your taste. First, choose the style that you want. While many of the mountings might look similar, a closer look with attention to detail will reveal differentiating factors among the mountings that can change their style dramatically. For example, the number of prongs can affect the overall look of a basic basket style stud, with more prongs creating a more vintage feel and fewer prongs creating a more modern feel. Next you can select the metal color and then the colored gemstones of your choice.