Genuine Moissanite Gemstones in Value Grade for Sale at AfricaGems

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30 of 30 Items

Lowest Price Lab Created Moissanite - Synthetic Moissanite Gems at Rock Bottom Prices
Value Grade Moissanite Gems are a true bang for your buck. You receive the top quality, lab created precision and brilliant sparkle that Moissanite gems are known for without the higher prices attached to name brand Moissanite gesmtones. These super low priced Moissanite gems are eye clean in clarity, colorless in either DEF or GHI color grades, with excellent brilliance, a good cut and a good polish. It once used to be a given that "Diamonds are a girls best friend" but Value Grade Moissanites are proving to be an even better friend with their stunning brilliance and lower price tag.

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