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What Does AfricaGems Offer?

Just in time for the holiday season, AfricaGems just added over 300 fine, hand selected gemstones to our offerings.  We have added a huge new selection of our best selling loose sapphires in all varieties.  Also a beautiful selection of loose emeralds, aquamarines, tourmalines of all varieties and a sprinkling of other gemstone varieties like chrysoberyl catseye, tanzanite and imperial topaz in both single stones and matched pairs.   It's a beautiful gem collection for the most discerning gem buyer or jewelry designer.
The team here at AfricaGems have been very busy adding a beautiful new inventory of loose gems and fine jewelry.  We have been selling alot of fine genuine Alexandrite gems as alternative engagement rings to diamonds.  As Alexandrite is a non conflict gemstone, many couples who are getting engaged are turning to this very beautiful and fascinating gemstone as a substitute to traditional diamonds.
We have also increased our inventory of fine blue sapphire and ruby heirloom gemstones, having over 1200 stones for sale in those 2 categories alone.   
AfricaGems offers not only a massive selection of fine single heirloom loose genuine gemstones,  in both semi precious gemstones and precious gemstones classifications, but also a full range of calibrated faceted genuine gemstones and calibrated cabochon gemstones, created gemstones, which include the very popular Chatham created gemstone line and imitation gemstones.  We also offer a complete range of loose Diamond melee which includes both genuine diamond melee and the very popular low cost lab created diamond melee.  We are constantly adding new shapes to our loose lab diamond melee.  The latest is Heart Shape Lab Grown Diamond in melee sizes.  We are proud to say that all of our round diamond melee , including precision cut diamonds and hearts and arrow cut diamonds  of Canadian origin, up to 0.40 carats, are now graded by GIA. No need to worry about fake diamonds mixed in with this safeguard. We also offer a very large selection of lab grown diamonds in all shapes, sizes and colors. This is a very popular option for budget minded projects. Completing our selection of loose created gemstone offerings are genuine Chatham gemstones and genuine Charles and Colvard Moissanite gemstones . Not to mention our fine jewelry line of beautiful colored gemstone rings, pendant gemstone jewelry and earring jewelry.

Making a Difference in the Lives Of Zambian Children

I am especially proud of AfricaGems philanthropy. We donate 1% of GROSS SALES to the Zambian Children's Fund, a wonderful organization that makes a real difference in the lives of orphaned children in Zambia. I know of no other jewelry or gemstone website that is so generous in their philanthropy. Whenever you buy any loose gemstones or gemstone jewelry, you contribute to helping these children live better lives.