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Green Tourmaline Gemstones for Sale - Loose Genuine Green Tourmaline Gems at AfricaGems

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48 of 96 Items

Find The Best Quality and Largest Selection of Fine Green Tourmaline Gemstones at
If you love Tourmaline and you appreciate quality then you have come to the right place. All of our fantastic Green Tourmaline gemstones have been cut to perfection, they display a brilliant eye clean plus clarity and have superior proportions; they have everything you could want in a high quality colored gemstone. Mined in either Afghanistan or Africa, these special and rare stones are the peak of beauty and excellence.

Unmatched Beautiful Green Colored Tourmalines - Stunning Loose Green Tourmaline Gems for SALE
The colors displayed by these exceptional Green Tourmaline gems are indescribable. Ranging from a pastel mint green, to a tropical sea foam green, to a deep rainforest green to a bright grassy green, the amazing different shades of green are amazing. Accessorizing with color is a great way to add life, vitality and style to your look. Choose one of these fantastic green Tourmaline gemstones for a fancy ring, a fashion ring, or an eye-catching pendant to add a splash of color to your style. With high quality loose stones like these, the custom jewelry that can be created is limited only by your imagination.

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Exquisite Loose Green Tourmaline Gemstones for SALE  Best Green Tourmaline Gems

Whoever said that good things come in small packages might have been referring to Green Tourmaline gemstones. While small in carat weight, these Gemstones pack a punch of big green color! Small sized Green Tourmaline loose gemstones are perfect for dainty, modest jewelry collections either as a centerpiece or accent. With a range of shapes and cuts, this tremendous selection of little tourmalines is just right!

How To Pick the Perfect Green Tourmaline Gemstone  Discount Green Tourmaline Gems for Jewelry
With every gemstone, the 4 C's of Color, Cut, Carat and Clarity are the determining factors to choosing the gem that is right for you. With Tourmaline specifically, the most important "C" is Color; with all of its highly saturated bold colors in every shade of the rainbow, the first place to start is color. When it comes to Green Tourmaline, look for very saturated coloring without dark black areas. In terms of clarity, Green Tourmalines often have fewer inclusions than the other colors so that's a bonus. Shop now for the perfect Green Tourmaline small sized gemstone.

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