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Gorgeous Loose Pink Sapphires from AfricaGems - See The Quality of Pink Sapphire We Offer

The Beauty of A Natural Pink Sapphire Gemstones
Even for people who aren't fans of the color pink there's no argument that the pink sapphire is one of the most beautiful gems in the world. Although yellow gold is a favorite setting for most gems, when a pink sapphire is set in a white gold mounting or platinum mounting, it becomes truly a gorgeous gemstone to behold. If you're considering buying a pink sapphire, just remember there are a few details to keep in mind, such as what you can expect to pay. Before getting into those facts though let's first examine the history of the pink sapphire.

Pink Sapphire History
The pink sapphire is not only a gorgeous gemstone, it's also the birthstone of September and is often associated with the zodiac signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Taurus. Over the millenniums kings and religious figures both used pink sapphires, and other colors such as blue sapphire gems, for reasons beyond their beauty. Many of them believed the pink sapphire offered protection from evil, increased physical health and greater power, not to mention being a link to the sub-conscious mind. Even to this day there are still cultures where the pink sapphire is revered for these qualities and feel it attracts divine favor. Many modern spiritualists believe the pink sapphire can take negative emotions and transforming them into positive ones like contentment, love or joy.

Why Is the Pink Sapphire Is So Rare?
In a chemically pure state, sapphires themselves have no color and along with Ruby, are known as corundum. When corundum has traces of titanium oxide, the sapphire has a pink coloration, making it a pink sapphire. This process also makes pink sapphires one of the most sought after and rare of the sapphire gems, just behind blue sapphires and the famed padparadscha sapphire, which in turn makes it one of the most expensive. As with blue sapphires and ruby, any pink sapphire that has not undergone heat treatment will be priced at a premium. All gemstones sold by are sold with full treatment disclosure. A pink sapphire can often match or exceed blue sapphire prices in value. In addition, because of the rarity of the pink sapphire you won't often find one beyond one carat in size in fine gem quality.

Buying a Pink Sapphire
In closing, don't expect pink sapphires to be 'cheap'. Anything in a fine gem quality will command a high price. Demand and supply dictate price so since pink sapphires, especially larger stones, are so difficult to find it makes them more expensive. As with any gemstones, be sure that your pink sapphire is free of any blemishes or cracks. Remember too, the more brilliant and vibrant the color the pink sapphire is, the better quality it is. Also look for a pink sapphire that is as pure a pink as possible. So just keep these facts in mind the next time you want to go shopping for the pink sapphire.

Pink Sapphire - Beautiful Collection of Natural Certified Pink Sapphire Loose Gemstones
Pink Sapphire gemstones, are one of the most treasured of all gemstone species. The range of pink sapphire hues and tones is vast. A high quality pink sapphire gemstone must have an intense, vivid pink color. But pink sapphire is really just light red. In the gemstone trade, sapphires with a pink shade are now known either as pink ruby or pink sapphire. Loose, high quality faceted pink sapphire gemstones have always been an AfricaGems trademark. We select our pink sapphires for color, clarity and price. Pink sapphire is very durable and lacks any cleavage, which has made pink sapphire one of the most important precious gemstones for centuries. The most valuable gems come from Sri Lanka, with Madagascar being another important producer. Flaws and inclusions diminish the price more so than in fine rubies. Lighter tone pink sapphires should be relatively free of inclusions, whereas deeper tone pink sapphires can have some inclusions that do not detract from the appearance of the gem. Pink sapphires are commonly heat treated to improve color and clarity, but treated stones do not command the prices that a fine, vivid pink natural color gem does. Many of our sapphire gemstones have been recut in the USA to American standards and cannot be compared to native cut gems. Our USA cut sapphires have unsurpassed brilliance, and a much sharper "look" which makes all the difference in the finished jewelry product. See a great selection of beautiful Pink sapphire gemstone rings and a handmade, custom Pink Sapphire gemstone pendant. See our Unique Gemstone Buying Advantage Program!Read this article and take a virtual "Visit To Madagascar" Where Large Quantities of Pink Sapphires are Mined

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