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Peridot Pendants
Peridot Pendants - Unique - Stylish and Affordable Peridot Pendants for SALE at AfricaGems
Green Peridot Pendants - Stylish Year-Round
Revitalizing. Peaceful. Ever-newólike spring grass and morning dew. The color green can be as invigorating as a green apple or as surprising as wasabi. Summer fashions echo the retro styles of the late 40's and 50's, the greens found in Peridot are refreshing tones for the warmer months. Romance and nostalgia abound in late summer to fall fashions when we all crave familiar comforts. Jewelry set with desert sage or moss green colored Peridot loose especially attractive with natural lines or elements. The sharp, sour yellow-green of Peridot gemstones adds complexity to winter apparel and enchant those who desire stylish jewelry designs.

Peridot Pendants in Gold and Silver
There is nothing like a beautiful Peridot pendant to add a splash of unexpected color. These gorgeous jewels create a lovely contrast between the skin's natural glow and the earthy green of Peridot. Our selection of silver settings displays a fashionable clashing of opposites with the metallic shine of the silver complementing the tangy green of the Peridot. The gold mountings bring out the yellow undertones in the Peridot, adding a golden shimmer within the green gemstone. And for the best of both worlds, the contrasting silver and the complimenting gold and silver two-toned settings. Some of our pendants are accented with diamonds, and others are paired with a colored stone harmonizing the sharp green and another bright color. With so many stunning Peridot Pendants, you will definitely find the one that's right for you.

Discount Peridot Pendants Online
All of our Peridot pendants come with a complimentary chain and are shipped to the customer the day itís ordered. Some Peridot pendants come with matching jewelry pieces for a complete Peridot ensemble. Find the perfect gift for someone you love or treat yourself to a stylish and affordable Peridot Pendant.

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