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Spinel Rings and Spinel Gemstone Rings from AfricaGems
This is a fabulous selection of extremely fine quality natural Spinel Rings in a variety of the beautiful colors that spinels give us. Only very finest natural Spinels are used in this stunning spinel jewelry. Fine quality spinels mostly originate in Africa, especially Tanzania in recent years. Spinels come in a variety of colors including the most popular blue, pink, red, orange.

Spinel & Diamond Ring Quality
These fine genuine Spinel & Diamond rings were made with quality in mind. All components of the ring are made with the utmost in craftsmanship & materials. The look of a super gem Tanzanian spinel surrounded by pave diamonds is just spectacular.

Our Spinel Rings are Priced Competitively
Check our prices against any of the competition. If you are looking for a high quality Spinel ring with top gem quality natural spinel gemstones, you'll find AfricaGems can't be beat.

How to View A Spinel Gemstone Ring
When buying gemstones or gemstone jewelry with colored gemstones, always look at the gem or jewelry piece in different light sources. Take the Spinel ring out into full daylight, a cloudy day, under flourescent lights and under a desktop lamp. That way you will know how the color of the spinel will look under all lighting conditions.

Stunning Spinel Gemstone Jewelry for SALE - Shop for Amazing Spinel Rings, Pendants and Earrings Online - Spinel History
There is a fascinating Story about ancient Spinel gems recorded by Marco Polo. In his travels he visited the Badashan province which was settled by an ancient tribe. He writes of a mountain in Badashan called Syghinan that had an abundance of beautiful Spinels to mine, yet nobody dared to mine Spinels fear of losing their lives. The king of this tribe created a monopoly on mining the mountain in order to keep the value high for if the massive amounts of Spinels that were found in that mountain were to be mined by all their price would plummet. This king then gave the Spinels as gifts to rulers of other countries or sold them at extraordinarily high prices. Luckily today there is no king threatening to kill Spinel miners and we are able to offer a beautiful selection of Spinel jewelry featuring Red, Pink Purple and Black Spinel.

Fantastic Spinel Gemstone with Diamonds - Designer Spinel Rings - Discount Spinel Rings for SALE
Beware: upon looking at our breathtakingly gorgeous Spinel rings you might just be in a speechless shock for a few moments. Many of these Spinel gemstone rings are almost painfully beautiful. With settings of white gold and diamonds and others in sterling silver, we feature Spinel in almost every possible style of ring. So, after mentally preparing yourself for a wonderfully dizzying experience, please head over to our Spinel ring section and enjoy shopping for designer and discount Spinel rings.

Amazing Spinel Pendants in Sterling Silver - Black Spinel Earrings With Diamond Accents for SALE 
Black Spinel, Sterling Silver and Diamonds are perhaps one of the most chic and stylish combinations of stones and metal that there can be. If you're looking for jewelry that can be worn with anything, look no further; the black and silver pairing matches everything. If you love modern and unique designs, you have come to the right place. If you are looking for affordable but beautiful jewelry, it doesn't get any better than this. Our Black Spinel Jewelry in sterling silver are everything you are looking for and more! Save 15% on the purchase of a Spinel matching jewelry set.

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