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Most people have heard of Cubic Zirconia as it is the best known competitor of diamonds, in fact economically, Cubic Zirconia has been the most significant competitor with diamonds since the beginning of its commercial production in 1976. Now with Moissanite gems in the picture, there is competition from that synthetic gem as well. Yet of all diamond stimulants, cubic zirconia are the most ubiquitous and the lowest priced alternative. Interestingly, while cubic zirconia gems are almost always thought of as non-genuine, there in fact is genuine natural cubic zirconia, but those are extremely rare and all of the cubic zirconia in the market today is lab created. Small size round cubic zirconia gems are great for pave style jewelry and are a great way to cut back the price on custom made gemstone jewelry projects. At AfricaGems, we offer an amazing selection of regular and Swarovski enhanced cubic zirconia gemstones in a wide variety of gemstone cuts as well as a huge amount of calibrated sizes. As always FREE Shipping and FREE returns!

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