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Most people agree that gemstones are beautiful, but not everyone wants to pay the price for natural gemstones. Imitation gemstones are a perfect way to have your cake and eat it too; you get the look of stunning gemstone jewelry without the price tag. Imitation gemstones aren't really gemstones in the sense that they are rare or valuable. They're not. Imitation gems are just a colored material, like glass that is impregnated with a coloring agent to imitate the look of real or genuine gemstones. They do not share the same physical properties of natural mined gemstones or synthetic, labrotory gems like Chatham gemstones which do share the same physical, chemical and optical properties of natural gemstones. With a selection of calibrated sizes that will be compatible with standard size mountings, imitation gemstones are a great way to design your own custom jewelry piece without a large investment. Imitation gemstones are also a great choice for kids who might not be ready to be trusted with genuine gemstone jewelry.

Imitation Gemstones for Every Birthstone - Great for Custom Jewelry for Kids
For a younger child just starting to wear jewelry, an imitation gemstone piece is a great beginner's item for if the child loses or mistreats the gemstone jewelry, there is much less financial loss. An imitation gemstones is a man made creation that does not share the physical or optical properties of genuine gems or simulated gems such as Chatham or Moissanite. Imitation gems are simply dyed substances such as glass that is made to look like the gemstone. AfricaGems extensive selection of Imitation colored gemstones features all of the birthstone gems, among other, so that you can create personal, meaningful and affordable custom jewelry.

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If you have an ambitious custom jewelry project that involved, for instance, creating a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry for a mother with all of her children's birthstones, the price of that will definitely be very high. Instead, you can opt to create the piece with imitation gemstones, and you will be able to give her an affordable gift for everyday wear, instead of an expensive piece that she will save for special occasions. As always, we offer FREE Shipping on all Imitation Gemstones at AfricaGems!