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Pink Tourmaline Gemstones for Sale - Loose Genuine Pink Tourmaline Gems

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48 of 80 Items

 Beautiful Pink Tourmaline Gemstones for Sale at AfricaGems
Pink Tourmaline gemstones are one of the two most popular types of tourmaline gems that people know and are familiar with. Yet fine quality Pink Tourmaline gems are surprisingly difficult to find. The ideal color pink tourmaline will be a pure bright pink; some in the gemstone trade call it a “bubble gum” pink tourmaline. The “bubble gum” pink tourmalines are rarely inclusion free. In contrast, pink tourmaline that has secondary hues of purple and red are usually inclusion free. This collection of loose faceted pink tourmaline gemstones contains both hot pink tourmalines and pink tourmaline with secondary hues. The pink tourmalines with secondary colors are quite beautiful and impressive in size and clarity. All of these pink tourmalines were faceted and polished in the USA by my experienced gem cutters. All of these tourmaline gems came from the famous “latrine” tourmaline deposit in eastern Zambia. Be sure to see our excellent selection of Pink Tourmaline gemstone rings.

Beautiful Loose Red and Pink Tourmaline Matched Pairs for SALE
Tourmaline, referred to as the "gemstone of the rainbow', comes in an incomparable variety of colors and in many shades and nuances. No two stones are exactly alike. Tourmaline first became popular when the Dutch began to import it in the early 17th century from Sri Lanka. They named it Turamali in Sinhalese, which is believed to mean stone with mixed color. Tourmaline is often confused with other gemstones. Many gemstones in the Russian Crown jewels from the 17th century were thought to be rubies but were in fact Tourmalines. It is common to find Tourmaline in large sizes, the large size enhances the depth and richness of the Tourmaline color. Tourmaline is mined in many places including Tanzania, Madagascar, Brazil, Australia, Sri-Lanka, US and Russia.

Beautiful Loose Pink Tourmaline Pairs for SALE!
Pink Tourmaline gemstones are one of the two most popular types of Tourmaline gems that people are familiar with. Fine quality faceted Pink Tourmaline gemstones are surprisingly difficult to find. This rare collection of discount Pink Tourmaline matched pairs contains both hot Pink Tourmalines and Pink Tourmaline with secondary hues. The Pink Tourmalines with secondary colors are quite beautiful and impressive in size and clarity.

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Buy a beautiful loose faceted matched Tourmaline pair from this stunning and rare collection and benefit from over 30 years of experience. We ensure total disclosure of all treatments used on all of our gems. AfricaGems offers you 100% refund if you are unhappy with your purchase so enjoy choosing your Tourmaline matched pair without any reservations!

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