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Buy Citrine Gemstones for Sale - Loose Genuine Citrine Gems at AfricaGems

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34 of 34 Items

Loose Golden Citrine Gemstones for SALE - Free Size Yellow Citrine Gemstones for Custom Jewelry
Do you love the bursting cheerful yellow color of Golden Citrine gemstones? AfricaGems is the best, most trusted, place to buy genuine loose gemstones. We carry an impressive array of gemstone cuts and shapes, including round, oval, emerald, cushion, princess, radiant, trillion as well as fancier cuts like triangle, shield and more free form shapes. We also offer a range of carat size from under 2 carat to over 25 carat! Whatever size or shape you are looking for, AfricaGems is where you will be able to find that perfect Citrine gemstone. Citrine gemstones are the yellow variety of quartz and it is recognized along with Topaz as one of the birthstone gems for the month of November. Most Citrine gemstones are the result of applying heat treatment to Amethyst gems which causes their color to change to yellow, as naturally occurring Citrine without heat treatment is extremely rare. The original color of the Amethyst will determine the shade of yellow that the Citrine will have after heat treatment. AfricaGems provides certifications of authenticity with every Citrine gemstone.

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