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Chatham Blue Sapphires - Chatham Lab Grown Blue Sapphire Loose Gemstones
According to ancient Persian cosmology, the Earth sits on an enormous Sapphire of brilliant blue. It is this stone, as the legend goes, that provides color to the sea and the sky. While Sapphire exists in a multitude of shades, blue is the color that has most captured the imagination and becomes associated with this much-loved gemstone. Indeed, the name "Sapphire" is derived from the Latin word for blue.

Loose Created Synthetic Blue Sapphire Gems - A Definite Bargain
In 1975, the Chatham Laboratories announced the world's first lab-grown Blue Sapphire of true gem quality. Shimmering with the same intense, velvety blue that inspired the poets and philosophers of the ancient world, man-made Blue Sapphire is, in fact, identical to the world's finest gems in every respect but the price.

Loose Created Blue Sapphire for Jewelry
With a blue so vivid that it commands attention, Loose Lab Grown Blue Sapphire gemstone jewelry is always eye-catching and stunning. For those with blue eyes, wearing man-made Blue Sapphire gem earrings will surely flatter you and bring out your natural beauty. Blue Sapphires are the traditional birthstone for September and a common choice for engagement rings. Be sure to peruse our selection of beautiful gem-quality lab-grown Chatham Blue Sapphire.