Modern Birthstone for March are Blue Aquamarines - Natural Aquamarine Birthstones
If your birthday is in March then your gem-of-choice is definitely the crystal blue, air crisp, stunning Aquamarine. The name literally means "ocean water," with tales of Aquamarine dating back to ancient seafaring days. Sailors of old believed that these glittering, watery gems came from the treasure chests of mermaids. It's no wonder then, that Aquamarine is said to bring good luck to all who sail the seas. Aquamarine also promises love, health and youthful energy to those who wear it.

Zodiac Birthstone for March is Amethyst - Natural Zodiac Amethyst Birthstones
For the sensitive, creative and artistic Pisces, you will definitely want to express your inner spiritual essence by wearing a gorgeous Amethyst gemstone. Because of its depth and richness, Amethyst has always been associated with intense emotion, so fitting for the Pisces who are known to be extremely emotionally aware and intuitive. The plum color of the Amethyst makes the gem an ideal accessory year round, and if your sign is Pisces you can confidently display your beautiful zodiac birthstone in which ever creative way you choose. Africa Gems carries a huge selection of loose Amethyst gemstones plus many stylish Amethyst rings and pendants.
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Birthstone Poem by Oliver Farrington
"Who in this world of ours their eyes
In March first open shall be wise,
In days of peril firm and brave,
And wear an Aquamarine to their grave."