Just In! Mesmerizing Black Opal Genuine Gemstones!
A magnificent collection of select Black Opal gems has just arrived here at AfricaGems. These luscious beauties display high levels of fire, mesmerizing inflections of color, and beautiful patterns. Originating from Lightning Ridge materials, these Australian beauties are truly rare stock, sure to become timeless heirlooms to be passed down throughout the generations. Whether you are on the lookout for the perfect one carat Opal to fit into your dainty design, or an almost 10 carat statement piece to build around, you are sure to find the most special specimen here at AfricaGems! Enjoy!

**NEW** Highest Quality, Rare Faceted Loose Spinel Gemstones Just In!
AfricaGems has just received a fabulous selection of fine Pink, Red, Blue, and Purple Spinel gemstones. Sourced from far away locals such as Ceylon, Sri Lanka, Burma, and Tanzania, these precious beauties are sure to be the perfect fit in any custom jewelry creation! If you're looking for top quality color and life at an affordable price tag, then you've found the right place. AfricaGems now offers you the best of Spinel gemstones in a variety of gorgeous colors. Take your pick from any of our finely cut, unheated Spinel stones, in a variety of carat weights to match any design or budget. Come check out the new collection today!

Beautiful New Selections of Blue Green, Pink, Rubelite, Green, Chrome, and Bi Color Tourmaline; Colored Zircons Just IN!
We've been busy here at AfricaGems! We've recently added new collections under Blue Green, Pink, Rbelite, Green, Chrome, and Bi Color Tourmaline as well as Colored Zircon Gems for the first time ever! The Green Tourmaline collection boasts dazzling loose faceted stones as well as many well-matched pairs just waiting to be used in the perfect custom pair of earrings. Our Chrome Tourmaline collection offers color similar to the Green Tourmaline gems, but Chrome Tourmaline includes traces of the rare mineral Chromium. Don't miss the new mysterious Bi Color Tourmalines, with their unique green and pink dual color show! Also be sure to check out AfricaGems newest gem addition- Zircon gemstons in a variety of colors including stylish Brown, Rose Brown Yellow and Diamond-Like White Zircon gems!

Unbelievable Collection of Fancy Sapphires Just Arrived!
An amazing selection of the highest quality, premium Sapphire gemstones has just landed here at AfricaGems! We are ecstatic about this new and varied collection which boasts gems from Ceylon and Madagascar. These exotic stars of our stock exhibit radiant shades of icy pink, dazzling peachy-pink, magenta, vibrant purple, brilliant yellow, and clean, colorless white. For any design or color scheme, you are sure to find your perfect match here at AfricaGems. All of these stunning stones would be ideal for custom jewelry- imagine a 1.74 carat, oval cut, deeply colored Pink Sapphire set in a white gold or platinum ring—Perfect!

Just In!! Beautiful Blue Tourmaline Faceted Gemstones

AfricaGems has just received a spectacular selection of the highest quality Blue Tourmaline gemstones including dazzling matched pairs. These top gems come to us from far away locales such as Africa, Afghanistan, and Brazil. With high clarity ratings, impeccable cuts, sought after shapes and lovely blue color these gems will surely be in high demand. These gems are perfect to have set into your ideal piece of jewelry- a luxurious cocktail ring, eye-catching pendant stone, or even a classic set of earrings! Stop by the Blue Tourmaline page to check out the new inventory!

**NEW** Unbelievable Array of Highest Quality Blue Zircon Loose Faceted Gemstones
A gorgeous new selection of top-quality Blue Zircon gems has just arrived at AfricaGems. These Cambodian beauties display dazzling clarity ratings of Eye Clean Plus, as well as impeccable cuts and highly sought after shapes and colors. The majestic blue hues of these vibrant Blue Zircons transport the admirer to a serene time and place, with memories of the sky and sea. This fabulous collection offers a wide array of sizes and prices, truly something for everyone! Find your perfect center stone in this collection!

** NEW ** Fantastic Selection of Precious Topaz and Imperial Topaz Gems!
Africa Gems has just received a magnificent array of top-quality, faceted Precious Topaz and Imperial Topaz Loose Gemstones . Sourced from Brazil, this beautiful collection boasts many unheated gems, shimmering with natural brilliance. The lovely pastel colors featured in this selection, are perfect for timeless, classic jewelry. With a variety of shades, ranging from tasteful golden peach to shining pinkish orange hues, this collection leaves little to be desired. No matter what size you are looking for- from a dainty 1.28 carat beauty, or a show-stopping 23. 42 carat super star gem there is something for everyone at AfricaGems! Enjoy the show!

New! Spectacular Array of Loose Spessartite and Rhodolite Garnet Gems
A glamorous selection of finest quality Spessartite and Rhodolite Garnet gemstones has just arrived at AfricaGems. Originally born in Nigeria, India, or Kenya these epic beauties shine from within with radiant, colorful plays of light. With gorgeous, unique color, magnificent cuts, and a range of carat weights; there is surely something for everyone in this collection. The luscious mandarin orange hue of a true Spessartite Garnet as well as the royal, deep raspberry tones of Rhodolite Garnet make these gemstones truly a sight to behold. Also check out the dazzling sets of well-matched pairs in a variety of shapes and sizes.

*Just In!* Stunning Array of Dazzling Diamond Pendants and Necklaces
AfricaGems has just received a dazzling collection of stellar Diamond Pendants and Necklaces. These fabulous specimens display sought-after, always in style, Diamond gems set in high quality 14 karat Gold or Sterling Silver. Each and every piece in this affordable collection comes with a free chain. Whether you are looking for a classic design, such as a simple yet timeless Diamond Cross set in 14 K White Gold, or a more unique Diamond encrusted Snail Pendant set in Rose and White Gold, this collection has something for you! Enjoy!

**NEW** Magnificent Selection of Dazzling Gemstone Rings
A fascinating array of fashionable gemstone rings has just come in here at AfricaGems. This stunning selection includes many classic gemstone rings such as the eternity bands or large center stone rings; and also contains many more unique pieces such as the unbelievable triple Bi-Color Tourmaline ring. Take your pick from gems set in radiant rose gold, lovely 14 karat yellow gold, and even the stylish and affordable sterling silver. What's more- this collection offers some amazing customizable bargains, rings with which you can select your own gemstone to create a look that is truly your own. Any piece from this collection will make a perfect holiday gift for that special someone!

**NEW ADDITIONS** You must see our New Collections of Fine Loose Natural Gemstones at Wholesale Prices
Wow! We at AfricaGems have been super busy with huge new inventory additions of fine quality gemstones such as Demantoid Garnet, Aquamarines, Premium Peridot, Incredible Alexandrites of Impressive Sizes, some Spectacular Tanzanite Gems and lastly some new Blue Sapphires. All of these new gemstone varieties have been hand selected and carefully screened for exceptional color, clarity, proportions and symmetry. Rest assured these are fantastic quality gemstones. Enjoy them!

**MUST SEE** Unprecedented Collection of Super GEM Tourmalines of All Types
Mint Green - Bright Blue-Greens - Matched Pairs We have just added over 130 new additions to our inventory an unprecedented collection of loose Tourmaline gemstones of all varieties. Every single one of these gems are special. Beautifully cut all display beautiful open colors with fantastic brilliance. Amazing collection of matched pairs as well! Our prices are among the best anywhere for the quality of our gemstones!

**NEW** Fantastic Unprecedented Collection of Fine Sapphires of All Varieties
Blue Sapphire - Padparadscha - Pink - Yellow Sapphires We have just added over 150 new additions to our inventory of very fine, well priced loose cut sapphires. We have brought in numerous rare Padparadscha including many unheated ones. All of our natural colored unheated sapphires have GIA, AGL, AGTA, GRS certificates accompany these fine gems. Our prices are among the best anywhere for the quality of our gemstones!

**NEW** Amazing Collection of Superb GEM Quality Blue - Green - Pink - Red Tourmaline Gemstones
A fabulous collection of extremely fine quality loose tourmalines of Blue - Green, Pink, Red, Bi Color varieties have just arrived in our gem vaults. These are some of the finest gem examples in these respective categories. These fine tourmaline gems are sourced from Namibia, Brazil, Afghanistan and Africa. These tourmaline gemstones are characterized by their incredible vivid colors, impressive sizes, excellent clarity and above all, low wholesale prices. If you are in the market for a fine loose tourmaline, now is the time.

** New Collection of Beautiful Pearl Rings**
These extraordinary pearl rings are now in stock! We are featuring pearl rings with large very fine quality South Sea pearls and Tahitian pearls. Many of these beautiful gold pearl rings are set with diamonds and heavy gold and some are set with just the solitaire pearl. The styles of these new pearl rings are very fashionable and stylish.

What's New? – Find the Latest Loose Gemstones, Gemstone Jewelry and Diamonds for SALE!
It's hot off the press. It's fresh out of the oven. It's the latest there is, brand spanking new, up-to-date. At AfricaGems were constantly adding fantastic new products loose gemstones, diamonds and jewelry –to our inventory. Here you can find the newest and hottest loose gemstones from Aquamarine to Zircon. Check out the most current jewelry fashions and the fabulous new additions to our loose Diamond collection. Be the first to get your hands on the latest batch of loose stones and gemstone jewelry. Enjoy!

Get it While it's Hot! � New Additions in Gemstones, Jewelry and Diamonds
Our selection of fine loose gemstones is unique and vast and we offer loose gemstones of all varieties. We carry stylish and unique gemstone rings, and beautiful gemstone pendants. All of our incredible jewelry is designed with the highest standards of workmanship all at very affordable prices and completely guaranteed. We are also continuously updating our selection of natural colored diamonds featuring yellow diamonds, pink diamonds, orange diamonds, brown diamonds, green diamonds, blue diamonds, purple diamonds and red diamonds. All of our natural color diamond come with a GIA certificate.

NEW! Unbelievable Selection of Fabulous Gemstone Jewelry
A fantastic array of truly beautiful gemstone jewelry has just arrived at AfricaGems just in time for the holidays. This selection offers something for everyone- earrings, rings, and pendants- yellow gold, white gold, or sterling silver- not to mention many customizable select-your-own gemstone pieces! These fashionable, extremely high quality, sought-after beauties are the perfect way to show that you care. A favorite style of ours is the large center stone pendant surrounded by real diamonds. This style is hot right now and will be a classic for times to come. Enjoy!

Check out the Newest Gemstone Products - Brand New Additions in Stock
Masterpiece Diamond Rings Have Just Arrived!
A fabulous selection of Black Diamond and White Diamond Rings set in high-quality gold settings has just arrived at AfricaGems. Take your pick from White Gold, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, Sterling Silver or two tone to choose a look that's all your own. Whether you are on the market for an intricate, unique Sterling Silver Ring with gorgeous Diamond accents or a classic diamond and white gold eternity band --you're sure to find something to love in this collection. Enjoy!

New!! Gorgeous Diamond Earrings Just In
AfricaGems has just received an incredible, large selection of the best quality Diamond earrings. With styles that make you say these pieces jump off the page and in real life they're even more jaw-dropping. Gorgeous diamond earrings set in White Gold, Yellow Gold, Sterling Silver and Platinum; this collection offers something for everyone and at every price point. Whether you are on the market for classic Diamond Studs set in timeless Platinum, or a more modern design of Black and White Diamond Paisley Style Link Earrings, you must come check out the new collection! Grab something for that special someone- diamonds are always welcome!

**Newly Arrived** Gorgeous Beryl Gemstones
A fantastic collection of stunning Green Beryl, Yellow Beryl, and shimmering Morganite gemstones has just arrived in the AfricaGems vault. With many extremely large gems over 20 and 30 carats as well as many gems of a more dainty size- perfect for setting in a ring or necklace, there is something in this collection for every avid gemstone lover. With awe-inspiring pastel hues of minty green, sunny yellow, and peachy pink these unique gems are truly worth their weight. Enjoy!

Anyone who frequently visits will notice that we are always updating and adding to our products. We are proud to offer our customers a fresh batch of new products on a consistent basis. We search high and low, all around the world, for the best quality loose gemstones and the most beautiful jewelry and when we find something great we immediately add it to the site. If you are a gemstone and jewelry lover you should check this page often because there will always be new goodies and fresh gemstone surprises waiting for your in our new additions section.