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Beautiful Loose Morganite Free Size Gemstones for SALE - Interesting Facts About Morganite Gemstones
Morganite is the pink variety of the mineral Beryl, deep green Beryl is classified as Emerald and blue Beryl is classified as Aquamarine. Due to traces of manganese, Morganite acquires its beautiful pale pink color. Morganite gemstones are mined from pegmatites, which are defined as a coarsely crystalline granite or other igneous rock with crystals several centimeters to several meters in length." Interestingly, gem that are found in pegmatites tend to form large crystals and therefore it is common to find large size Morganite gemstones. In fact, in the Smithsonian Institute, they display two beautiful faceted Morganite gemstones weighing 236 cts and 250 cts! Another fascinating fact about Morganite gems is that they exhibit pleochroism, which means that depending on the angle of the facet the gem will display either a pale pink or a deeper bluish pink.

Shop Discount Free Size Top Quality Pink Morganite Gemstones - Beautiful Loose Morganite Gems for Jewelry
The color range of Morganite gemstones includes many shades of pink: salmon, rose and peach. The beautiful light, pastel pink hues of Morganite gemstones make it extremely attractive in jewelry. When set in rose gold, the pink tones in the gold compliment the lighter pink of the gemstone and the combination is beautiful in jewelry design. With its soft and stunning feminine look, Morganite gemstones are beautiful treasures! All Morganite gemstones are in stock and ready to ship!

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