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Standard Calibrated White Opal and Black Opal Cabochon Gemstones in All Shapes and Sizes at AfricaGems

Opal Gemstones - AfricaGems Now Stocks Quality Opal Gemstones
Savy Opal loose gemstone buyers now can look to AfricaGems for fine quality Opals of all types, all backed by our leading guarantee policy. We now stock the 3 major types of loose Opal gems used to making fine Opal jewelry like Opal rings, Opal earrings, Opal pendants and more. We stock a huge selection of calibrated, standard size, White Crystal Opal, the rare beautiful Black Opal from Lightning Ridge Australia and the stunningly beautiful orangey red Mexican Fire Opal gemstones.

Using Opal Gemstones in Opal Jewelry
Some Opals have a tendency to "dry" out and crack after being taken out of water. You have no need to worry about this phenomenon called "crazeing" when you use our Opals in creating your own fine Opal jewelry. AfricaGems guarantees all Opals against cracking which is common in many types of Opals mined outside of Australia. These types of Opals can crack after being worn for as little as a few months.

Quality of Opal Gemstones from AfricaGems
We carry only the finest quality grades of Opal gemstones. We purchase our loose opals from the largest producer and a direct supplier who can consistently ensure the quality of opal we require for our customers. Please see our best in the business guarantee policy

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