What is a Preset Finding? - Why Choose a Preset Finding for Custom Jewelry Design?
Preset findings refer to jewelry parts that come with diamond accents included in the piece. This includes peg settings, which is the part of the jewelry that clasps the gemstone which can be combined with a ring shank, ring shanks, or bands, without heads, earring parts, bails and dangles. To the untrained eye, a piece of jewelry might seem like a beautiful seamless creation, but to the designer, every detail is important. Whether it is the shape of the band of the ring or the bail, which connects a pendant piece to a chain, every detail adds to the overall look of a final piece of jewelry. With attention to detail, choosing jewelry findings with diamond accents adds luxury and sparkle to the entire composition of jewelry. Jewelry is not a tool that is put together just as simply and functionally as possible, jewelry is art that demands beauty in all of its parts. A stunning gemstone requires an equally stunning peg setting and shank to match its splendor. Similarly, a gorgeous pendant should be crowned by an appropriately decorative bail to connect it to its chain. Preset findings provide stunning jewelry parts that allow you to bring sparkle and diamond detail into every aspect of your jewelry.

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