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September Birthstones - September Modern Birthstones and Zodiac Birthstones for Sale at
Modern Birthstone for September are Genuine Sapphires - Natural Sapphire Birthstones
The Sapphire is a gemstone that has always been elevated and exalted, saved for royalty, and revered as sacred. Aptly, according to tradition the 10 commandments given to Moses were inscribed on tablets of Sapphire, a clear indication of the holiness and prominence of Sapphire. The lofty Sapphire is especially fitting for those born in September, as they usually exhibit exceptional excellence, spiritual sensitivity and intellectual prowess. Sapphires can be found in a rainbow of colors, most notably blue, purple, pink, yellow, and gold. A gift of a Sapphire birthstone is always a meaningful and thoughtful present.

Zodiac Birthstone for September are Carnelian - Natural Zodiac Carnelian Birthstones
The Virgo zodiac sign, personified by the shy and idealistic wheat bearing maiden, is connected to the Carrnelian gemstone. The Carnelian