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Gemstone Engagement Rings - Beautifully Crafted Gemstone Rings by Jewelry Artisan Andrew Sarosi
Unique Rings - Find The Gemstone Jewelry Ring of Your Dreams Crafted - Designer Jewelry
Andrew Sarosi Passed Away on October 11, 2012
I sadly post that my father, Andrew Sarosi passed away peacefully and comfortably surrounded by family in his home in Pasadena CA.
He will be terribly missed by all.
Read his tribute here...

Gemstone Engagement Rings & Gemstone Ring Jewelry by Noted Jewelry Designer Andrew Sarosi
Is characterized by a remarkable sense of color. Andrew's over 40 years in the colored gemstone business has given him a truly unique sense of putting together contrasting gemstone colors that ooze character. Andrew's classic gemstone rings are colorful, fun and certainly conversation pieces. Some credit Andrew for being the originator of the gemstone ring that uses a multitude of different colored gemstones. All of Andrew's rings and gemstone pendants benefit from his outstanding critical eye when it comes to selecting the right gemstones for the piece. From Andradite to Zircon, Andrew blends gemstones and creativity like no other designer can.
Andrew Sarosi - Color Gemstone Jewelry with Flair Andrew's Artistic Statement
"My jewelry philosophy is that jewelry should be interesting, fun and not cost a fortune. My love for the beauty of fine colored gemstones inspires me to be as creative as possible with mixing gemstone colors. Artistically, I see no reason why a tourmaline should not be set with Tsavorite garnet, sapphires and spinels. The infinite possibilities of colors that colored gems provide me, is my palette for endless creativity in making fine jewelry
Andrew's Bio
Born in Hungary in the late 1930's, Andrew left Hungary in 1956 to seek new opportunities and a better life in the United States. After learning English in a University of California at Berkeley fraternity house, Andrew was employed as a technical illustrator in southern California. He was befriended by a gemstone dealer, the late Kei Chung, and was soon mesmerized with the beauty and possibilities of colored gemstones. After 20 years of buying and selling loose colored gemstones, Andrew started a unique line of colored gemstone rings using only colored gemstones. His style and creativity of color quickly attracted a devoted following of admiring jewelry fans. He expanded his successful business of unique colored gemstone jewelry by selling to the public at jewelry shows around the United States. Some of his clients have bought as many as 50 pieces!
Your Very Own Andrew Sarosi Custom Gemstone Ring or Pendant?
Can be done quickly and at a surprisingly low cost by AfricaGems. Andrew will personally create a custom piece based on your personal preferences. To learn more, contact Marc