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2 of 2 Items

Genuine Chatham Created White Sapphire
One of the many treasures that have emerged from the Chatham Lab is the beautiful White Sapphire gemstone. With a sunny cheerful color, there is nothing not to like about man-made White Sapphire which of course is of the highest gemstone grade and clarity.

Chatham White Sapphires
Tangy. Sweet. Sun-dappled. The color White found in man-made White Sapphire is expansive as fields of sunflower and rich and amber-sweet as honey. At the same time, White is also sharp as fresh-picked lemons. The hues of lab grown White Sapphire bring cheer to our days, drawing us in like bees to flowers' sweet nectar.

Created White Sapphire by Chatham - A Gemstone for All Seasons
This spring, Chatham White Sapphire's fresh appeal is a welcome addition to bohemian styles and geometric designs in jewelry and fashion. Created White Sapphire, combined with other warm hues like red, pink and orange, will look great in designs with a paisley motif of fashion inspired by India. Summer features the light and subtle hues of Chatham White Sapphire, a color that enchants fashionistas who want updated vintage designs reminiscent of the 1940s and 60s. For those who crave the warm tones of autumn, a dash of White accents eco-friendly fashions. Synthetic White Sapphire gems set in Victorian inspired designs lend a sense of grace to winter apparel.