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Gorgeous Non Genuine Star Sapphire & Star Ruby Gemstones for SALE - Imitation Gems With Asterism
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Star Gems are those that exhibit a property called asterism, which simply means that they display a luminous star when they are cut in a cabochon style. We could talk about the scientific explanation for this phenomenon, you know, the “dense inclusions of tiny fibers of rutile” and so on. But let’s just leave it as a wonderfully magical occurrence where a gemstone is somehow lit up by a star. As if something otherworldly, a twinkle in the night sky, found its way into a gemstone. These imitation star gemstones are a great alternative to naturally occurring star gems, as genuine star gems tend to be rare and expensive. Imitation Star Gemstones allow you to experience the whimsy of capturing a star and incorporating it into jewelry, for a beautiful and meaningful accessory. AfricaGems offers loose, standard sizes of both Star Sapphire and Star Ruby imitation gemstones in a variety of calibrated shapes and sizes. These gems will work with any standard size gemstone mounting that can accommodate a cabochon gemstone.

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