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29 of 29 Items
What is a Bezel Setting? – Shop Bezel Set Engagement Ring Mountings to Customize a Ring
A Bezel setting refers to a full or partial rim that holds a gemstone. Compared to prongs, in a bezel setting the gemstone sits lower and it is also a very secure way to hold the gemstone in place. Another perk of bezel setting is that chips can be more easily concealed and further damage to the stone is prevented by the bezel rim around it. Additionally, since the gemstone doesn't jut out as much, a bezel set gemstone engagement ring is typically more comfortable for everyday wear and there is less annoyance of a high set gemstone snagging on various things. Beyond the practical benefits of a bezel set gemstone, they also provide a beautiful style that often looks sleek and modern. A very standard and classic engagement ring style becomes instantly more modern and contemporary when the prongs are replaced with a bezel setting. AfricaGems offers the hottest styles of bezel set engagement rings to customize for your dream ring! Free shipping on all engagement rings.

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