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Amethyst Pendants
Amethyst Gemstone Pendants for SALE at AfricaGems - Beautiful & Affordable Amethyst Pendants
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Welcome to the best online jewelry shop where you can find the Amethyst necklace of your dreams. The delightful and dramatic purple of amethyst connotes the luxuriousness of royalty, the freshness of lilacs and the calm of lavender. Purple is a color rich meaning and loaded with passion, and while we can all appreciate the stunning Amethyst hue, each person has their own unique association with the plums and violet tones sparkling throughout the gemstone. The beauty of buying an Amethyst pendant online is choosing the one that displays Amethystís purple beauty in a way that speaks to your tastes and vision. A gold setting creates a beautiful contrast; the warmth of gold compliments the cool purple to in a piece that creates a harmonious balance of two opposing forces. White gold accentuates and frames the lovely amethyst, politely allowing the purple luster to take center stage. A two-toned setting adds drama and a dash of the unexpected and it is very convenient as it can be paired with both gold and silver jewelry. And of course, the best way to create glamour and add a dose of bling to any necklace is to pair it with diamonds; the brilliant shine of a diamonds uplifts the more demure amethyst sparkle, taking it to the next level of elegance.

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Find a unique gift for someone really special, or treat yourself to a little indulgence. Many of these stunning pendants come with matching rings and earrings for a complete look of Amethyst splendor. From the beautifully simple to the stunningly ornate, from daintily classic to stylishly modern you will surely find an Amethyst necklace perfect for your personal style. All Amethyst pendants come with a complimentary chain and are shipped the same day.

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