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Marc, Thank you for all of your help in selecting the right diamond for my ring. The jeweler placed the diamond in my ring and it could not be more perfect. Your professionalism is great. I will purchase only gems from you. You made it so simple to exchange the diamond for the correct size. Sharon C. bought loose diamond of Salt Lake City UT

Hello Marc, I received the Aquamarine, Alexandrite, Citrine, and Yellow Diamond gemstones - they are beautiful, full of sparkle. Sincerely Appreciative, Fern W. of New Orleans LA

Hello Mr. Sarosi, I LOVE LOVE the sapphire ring!!! Thank you so much! Is there anywhere you would like me to leave a (super glowing and enthusiastic) review? I was on pricescope a lot for help finding a good sapphire, and so I was planning on posting pictures and crediting you on the forums there once I take a proper photo. Thank you again! Madeleine S. of Palo Alto CA

Marc, Just wanted to let you know that my wife loves the peridot pendant. Yesterday was her birthday and you helped make it memorable. Thanks Ed B of Lancaster CA

Hi Marc - got back from Portland after a fun 4 days there. After cleaning up everything at the store upon my return and a weekend to recover, I am in a position now to take a very hard look at that blue tourmaline you sent up to me. , .. my conclusion is that this blue tourmaline is a great stone - several times, I saw the intensity of blue in the video you provided, and it really, truly is a beautiful stone. The clarity is great and the colour is true. So in the end, you'll be happy to hear: it's a keeper - no need for a return authroization!!!! ;) Thanks Marc for your patience and understanding in this process - it's one of the few times I didn't immediately 'fall in love' with a piece I've acquired. I think this one could make a nice pendant, but I think ring might be the fate of this stone... white gold setting, solitaire, a little line of diamonds on each side - that should set up nicely! And the stone requires light from above to really show its strengths and colour off well. Thanks again, my friend!Ed S of Vancouver CA (bought loose tourmaline)

Marc, The alexanderite ring is lovely. Thank you very much-- I will be a repeat customer! Thanks, Tori B. of Rocky River OH (bought custom alexandrite ring)

Sorry for the delay in sending this note, but I’ve been away for the week... I just wanted to say I absolutely love the Pad - it’s gorgeous and exactly the colour I was looking for. And thank you once again for helping with the duties etc, I am a very happy girl! Have a nice weekend, Kimberley S. of London UK bought loose padparadscha sapphire

They have arrived and are lovely. Looking forward to having them set with some diamonds into earrings. Thanks for the discount! Best Carole M. from Adelaide AU (bought pink spinels)

Hi Marc, I just received my ring. It turned out beautifully! Thank you very much. Your customer service is excellent as well. Thanks! Rachel W. of Ened OK (bought morganite ring)

Marc, The ring arrived safely on Friday and it is truly spectacular. :) UPS was a day late (as usual for them), but the ring arrived in time for the wedding and that's all that matters. Thank you so much for expediting this order and coming through on short notice, yet again. We appreciate it! Have a great weekend. Ryan D. of Preoria IL (bought customized sapphire ring)

Marc, I just wanted to say. Thank you for the beautiful Sapphire. It’s a great stone. I have inspected thoroughly and as a rock hound I enjoy the inclusions. Although I have encouraged my girlfriend to use the jewelers loupe and inspect the stone…she refuses as she wants to believe its absolutely flawless. She loves it. I look forward to recommending you to friends and future purchases. Sean P. of New York , NY (bought loose blue sapphire)

Hi Marc, My friend has arrived back in Australia and I finally have the alexandrite. It is stunning and exactly what I was hoping for. You have been a pleasure to deal with and I would recommend you to anyone. Cheers R. Brown (bought loose alexandrite) bought loose alexandrite

Hi Marc, Please find below an image of where the tourmalines wound up! I m delighted by the outcome. Thank you ever so much for patiently supporting us through the process. The jewellery is currently in Australia, where I will collect it, when I head there on the 08th Dec. I'm sure I will manage a more professional photo then! Preeti M. of Perth Australia (bought suite of red tourmalines).

Hello Mark and Jeff, The beautiful alexandrite gem and pendant setting just arrived. The online photographs did not do it justice. This is going to be a very special birthday for my daughter. I appreciate the help you gave me with selection of the gem and the setting, and with the shipping arrangements. Kind regards, Dennis W.of Alameda CA (bought loose round alexandrite)

Finished product with your stone and my diamond ring. Simply stunning. Thank you for your help this stone is beautiful. April K. from Orlando FL (bought loose white sapphire)

Hi Marc, I just got a text from my wife to let me know that the piece has arrived safely. She thought it was so beautiful that she wanted me to know straight away. She is delighted with it, so hopefully my daughter will feel the same! Thanks very much for your attention to detail and help with what, for you, must be a pretty small project. I'll be back if/when I manage to save enough money to get something significant for my wife! Best wishes, Peter L. of Brisbane Australia (bought custom jewelry pendant)

Hi Marc, The opal is beautiful. It's even more three dimensional than the videos show. The stone is so clear and the colors so vibrant. It evokes childhood memories of finding rocks in the creek beds and seeing the sunlight dance off the bite of quart and pyrite. A meaningful birthstone. Thank you. Ed T of Emmaus PA (bought black opal gemstone)

Marc, I want to thank you for helping me choose the perfect Sapphire for my girl . The stone looks awesome and will blow her mind and every one else too. Your professionalism and expertise was greatly appreciated. Larry Y of Denver CO (bought loose white sapphire)

Marc, I just picked up the ring, and it's absolutely perfect! Thanks so much, and we'll be sure to look to you for purchases in the future. Siobhan L. of Melbourne Australia (bought custom Chatham blue sapphire ring) Hi Marc, I have received the ring! It is very well made and gorgeous!! Love the sapphire from you!! Thank you so much for the time and patience!! I would have love it to be bigger, but with the budget I guess this is probably one that I should be glad. Still I am very happy with the overall colour and clarity of the gemstone!! It does exhibit different saturation under different lighting. Most importantly the cut is great!! Attached a few pics taken by mobile phone under shelter in daylight. Thank you once again! Will definitely recommend you to any of my peers if they need gemstones purchases! Jordan W. of Singapore (bought loose sapphire and custom ring)

Marc, The aquamarine stone arrived today. It is truly an exceptional stone. As a collector for the last 14 years, I never thought I would be able to get to own an aqua with such saturation that I could afford. Again, it is a pleasure doing business with you. Best regards, Ted K of Totowna NJ (bought super gem aquamarine stone)

Marc - thank you very much. I cannot tell you how much it means to me for you to go to the effort. Tomorrow is my girlfriend's birthday, and I hope to give it to her at lunch - a special lunch, of course. She loves stones of all kinds, precious and semi-precious. I see stones and I think they're nice, and pretty. But she sees something else, something connected to the Earth, to history, and all things like that. She can stare at the stone for hours. Which, hopefully, she'll do it tomorrow at lunch. Thank you once again for saving me in the last moment. Royston T. of canoga park, CA (bought loose blue sapphire)

No problem at all Marc, These things happen. I really can't speak highly enough of the service you have provided considering the distance. All the best. Jake P of London UK (bought custom green beryl ring)

Hi Marc, Thanks very much for all your help. Finally managed to get a good look at the stone, whilst not perfect, I do love the imperfections! The little swirl in the middle - great stuff. Not sure if there's anything required from my end to complete the sale, would like to get to this to the goldsmiths to be set. Once again, thanks so much - it'll certainly make one girl very happy. Regards, Mike W from Singapore (bought blue sapphire gemstone)

Thank you for everything Marc. I received the FedEx this morning, the stone is beautiful. It's exactly what I wanted for my wife's birthday! All the numbers look good to me. Again I am very impressed with your gems and your customer service. My daughter is already thinking about what she might like for her 16th birthday! All the best, Dave A from Lafayette LA (bought aquamarine studs)

Hi Marc, Thank you, got it. She loves it, and said yes!:) Cheers, Jadel M from Vancouver Canada (bought topaz ring)

Hey Marc Merry Christmas. Just want to thank you for the timely delivery. Lisa adores the earrings and ring and couldn't be happier.They both display quality and beauty, needless to say I'm happy as well. Thank You Ryan S from Peoria IL (bought various custom jewelry)

Thank you very much for the work you put into our order, I gotta tell you I've had a blast playing around with the different features of your website, designing different rings and such. Your website is merchandised pretty good. Tracie loves the rings the ruby has got a real good glow out in the sunlight and the spinel looks wonderful in its mount. The only real problem is the chain on the necklace it came terribly tangled and me thinks we just made it worse but no biggie we had an extra chain. Overall very pleased with order. Thanks J. Sitton of Baton Rouge LA (bought 2 custom rings)

Yellow sapphire received. I must say I expected the comment about it being ‘very diamond looking’ to be a bit of exaggeration that tends to occur with sapphire, but it is exactly that, yet unique in its brilliance and flash. I am very pleased with the stone and moved to send a compliment. John H of Indiana PA (bought yellow sapphire loose gem)

My ring arrived yesterday. It is beautiful. I've been running around the house looking for different light sources to view the colour change under. Thank you so much for your help and patience. I hope I have the opportunity to purchase another item from you again sometime. Jacquie A. of Vancover CA (bought custom alexandrite ring)

Hi Marc, My little diamond has just arrived safely by FedEx and it looks beautiful, thank you so much. It's as white as I hoped it would be and the bow tie isn't that obvious because of the size of the stone, I imagine. I'm now going to have the pleasure of thinking up a setting for him. Thank you very much, I'm delighted. I think I'm going to have to keep looking in your discounted stones section! Best wishes, Lynn M of Sufflock UK (bought loose diamond)

Hi Marc, I just wanted to thank you so much for everything you've done for us with the whole ring processes. I proposed to my girlfriend on Friday, and she beyond loved the ring. Everything came out perfectly, the sapphire is stunning, and the ring was set beautifully. Thanks again! Sincerely, Lukasz S. of Chicago IL (bought loose blue sapphire & custom ring)

Hi Marc, My gem has finally arrived and it is fabulous! The colour is exactly what I had hoped it would be.... Resembling sunset and lotus flower. I inspected the packaging and nothing appears to have been tampered with... I was getting concerned but looks like all is ok. My plan is to take the pad to a local gemologist to verify and then on to Designing a ring setting. This is a retirement gift to myself .... My last day at work is just before Christmas...so hopefully the ring will be ready by then. When it's done I will send you some pictures. Thank you for all your support thru this crazy process...although I've not met you I feel like I've known you for some time. I greatly appreciate your awesome Communication with me. I love the gem! Thank you Daria L of Ontario CA (bought loose padparadscha sapphire)

Marc, my ring has just arrived. I am over the moon. It is so beautiful. Thank you and your colleagues so very much. I am hoping it will bring me luck over the coming months as I am off the hospital this afternoon to find out about my operation for breast cancer. I'm sure it will help to protect me. Thank you, once again, for your brilliant contribution to my life. Warm regards, Shoosh S. of Birmingham UK (bought custom pink sapphire ring)

Hi Marc, This is Amazing! I've never experienced such fast shipping! I was noticed on a Wednesday that my items had been shipped, and on already on the following Monday I had the parcel at home! From US to Sweden in Europe! The Tanzanites I ordered are perfectly just what I requested! Thank you very much Marc! This means a lot for me! I will for sure recommend you further and come back for more orders! Wish you a nice day! Best regards, Queenie H. of Stockholm Sweden (bought loose tanzanites)

Hi Marc, I received my ring today. It fits perfectly, the color of the topaz is beautiful! I almost wish I had chosen a larger stone. Thank you, Mary A. of Modesto CA (bought a swiss blue topaz gold ring)

Cardy was AMAZING! It took 45 minutes. Everyone warned me that I would be without my ring for weeks, and you helped me get away from that. You have been extremely responsive and fantastic for all of this. I really appreciate you, and DEFINITELY would recommend you to anyone I can. You are very much running your business very well. Not to mention, my ring is beautiful!!! Exactly what I wanted. Katie F. of San Francisco CA (bought alexandrite engagement ring)

Hi Marc, I got my ring yesterday.. love it! Looks great! I like the way the prongs are done and the ruby is beautiful! Thanks, Brigitte L. (bought Chatham Ruby and AfricaGems made the ring)

Dear Marc, I have a confession to make. I lost my original engagement ring, a Stuller setting for an asscher cut and a cushion Chatham Sapphire. I wanted a ring that looked close to that original one. You made it happen! Actually, your mil grain work and stone setting was better than the original which was off centered. Thank you. Regards, Christine Y (bought Chatham Blue Sapphire and we made the ring)

Marc, Received the stone. It’s beautiful! We now have a new place to order stones from and feel confident in the quality! Thank You, Clayton M. (bought loose pink tourmaline gem)

Hi Marc, Thank you, I received the stone on Wednesday as you indicated. I appreciate the quick turn around time. Pleasure doing business with you and your site will be one of my top gem shopping sites after this business experience. I did enjoy the extra haribo snack. Thank you once again, Danny C. (bought a round 1 carat loose blue sapphire for engagement ring)

First diamonds are in the mail. Had gone away for a week and nobody at home dropped the mail in the box. Apologies. Picked up my pendant with the new ones and they look beautiful. My next purchase will be emeralds...Thanks, Marc. Li B (bought and exchanged enhanced blue diamonds)

Hi Marc, The bracelet arrived this morning and as you said it looks stunning and I know she will love it. Could you please send a Cert of Authenticity (Similar to the one sent for the 2 loose stones) and a full invoice for the total amount for insurance purposes at my end. If you need to send copies by post please send to, Alan H. (bought a tanzanite bracelet)

Hi Marc, I just wanted to say how delighted I was to receive the Tanzanite bracelet for Christmas. I understand from my husband, Alan, that you were extremely helpful with the making of the bracelet, it sounds like it caused a few problems at times, not least due to Alans bank! I just wanted to let you know that I am thrilled with the bracelet, the stones are beautiful and it looks lovely, so thank you for all your help! I hope you and your family had a good Christmas and very best wishes for a healthy, happy New Year. Kind regards, Sue H. (husband bought tanzanite bracelet)

Hi Marc, I just received the opal and it is gorgeous, as always I am very pleased with my purchase. I was looking at different pendants, it's a Christmas present for my daughter. I saw a multi-gem one that I liked. Item pendant 650870s. Should I order it on line or could you just do it. Also will you extend the 25 off discount on that item? Again, thanks for all your help,Terese U. (bought stunning loose black opal gem)

Good Afternoon Marc, Thank you so much selling me this amazing stone, I can assure you it will be well loved. I thought you might enjoy how much people love the blue spinel you sold me. I posted a few photos on PS last night and will likely post more in the next few days. Again thank you, I really do love it and I am wearing it even as I type this! Katherine S. (bought large blue spinel gemstone)

My wifes stone got here this morning. She was in awe of how gorgeous a stone it was. It is replacing a stone in a ring that was stolen and in our opinion we think it is even nicer than the stone it replaced. Once set we will be whole again lol. Again thank you for having the stone available and for you call concerning shipping. We will certainly recommend you to any of our friends who are looking for QUALITY stones. Doc Mc (bought loose oval padparadscha gemstone)

Hi Marc- just wanted to thank you for finding the 4.4mm size for me, and also for the quick refund on the 4mm. So glad I found your website! Cristy S. (bought loose white sapphires)

Hi Marc, I just want to say thank you so much! The pendant is so beautiful..well done! The bale also fits perfectly. I have a question about the negative ions created by tourmaline..now can one just wear it to experience the negative ions or does there have to be pressure applied to release the negative ions? I'm just curious. Thank you Dawn T (bought custom tourmaline pendant)

Marc, The ring arrrived yesterday and it is gorgeous! Thank you so much for creating the perfect piece with this sapphire. This ring will become an heirloom. Henry G (bought custom spessartite garnet ring)

hi marc, i had the 12.77 ct pink tourmaline set in my diamond ring this week. i picked it up yesterday; it's GORGEOUS! i thought you might like to see pictures, although the pictures don't do it justice. thanks so much! lisa l. of New Haven CT (bought 2 loose pink tourmaline gems)

Marc, The decision was so difficult, both gems are stunning and it wasn't until the very last minute that we decided to keep the pink, it looks better on my skintone. I have told my significant other, that you wanted the unchosen gem as soon as possible to be able to display it at Tucson. He will be mailing the asscher back to you from the UPS store near the following address, which will hopefully reduce transit time & shipping cost. Astrid K of Phoenix AZ (bought pink sapphire gemstone)

The ring and earrings arrived just now, beauitful. Thanks for the great service again Michael D. of Naples FL (bought blue topaz jewelry set)

Dear Mr. Sarosi, The ring just arrived. I do not mind telling you that the photograph did not do it justice, it is wonderful. I have been searching for this ring since I saw one in a painting over forty years ago. Thank you. Michael A of Boise ID (bought black onyx ring)

Marc, Thank you so much! You may have thought it took longer than expected but we thought it was quite expedient. Thank you for continually confirming for us our decision to purchase from Africa Gems. This has been a wonderful transaction. We'll be here all day so as soon as it arrives I'll let you know. Happy Valentine's Day, Jennefer P of San Deigo CA (bought custom emerald ring & band)

I'll put them in the mail today. I want you to know that I really appreciate how amenable you have been. Your A+ rating is exactly right. I will continue to do business with you when I have other needs. My sister has also been checking out the site for sapphires based on the excellent service I received. Thanks again, Jim W.of Bangor MI (bought loose emeralds)

Will do! I'm in Denver on business until Saturday. I'll get it shipped out ASAP upon my return - next Monday most likely. Thank you for all of your help. Especially your guarantee and return policy. Made purchasing the gem online much more comfortable. Ironically, my jeweler also loosely knew your father and had a very good opinion of him. Thanks again Marc! Doug M from Camarillo CA (bought loose blue sapphire)

Marc, Your fantastic customer service makes it easy to support AfricaGems! Looking forward to surprising my wife with the Onyx ring. Regards, Michael S. from Boise ID (bought onyx diamond pendant)

Hi Marc, So far I'm very happy with the sapphire I purchased. My plan is to mount it in a tanzanite ring that I have (the tanzanite is very light in color and I've never been happy with it which is a surprise since it's also a Levian purchase). The setting has two sides with the stone suspended in between. I think the light will catch it magnificently! Thanks for checking on my order! Rita K. from Garland TX (bought Chatham emerald stone)

Hi Marc, Just to let you know that the stone was delivered today. Pitty it is dark now so can not see the true stae, but I am happy to see it here with the certs!I hope to do business with you again in the future! Thank you for you help, patience, Regards Wim D. of Dubai (bought loose oval alexandrite)

the rings have arrived they are absolutely stuning ! i thank you with all my heart and i pay no duties thanks to you THANK YOU VERY MUCH I HAVE NO WORDS TO THANKS !! Mencaglia A of Bucharest Romania (bought two blue topaz diamond rings)

Dear Marc, I just received the four turquoise gemstones that I had ordered. They are beautiful. I am very happy with the quality and will be ordering some more gemstones soon.Thanks Baljinder K. (bought loose turquoise gems)

Marc, I just wanted to let you know that I received the ring today and it’s beautiful, she’s gonna love it! Thank you again for all you’ve done. I was concerned about ordering something liker this over the internet but you’ve made this entire process very easy and your communication with me has been outstanding. Everything was exactly as you described it…perfect! David M. of Atlanta GA (bought custom Alexandrite diamond ring)

I received the Tsavorites Friday and I was stunned with the quality of the stones I received. I was worried about ordering calibrated stones without even having a picture of the exact stones I'd be receiving, but you didn't disappoint. The description said to expect some yellow, I didn't detect any yellow at all, if anything I picked up on a slight hint of blue which is very desirable. Anyhow, I had them set today, they hold their color and are bright in even the worst lighting. Thank you! Greg R. of St. Paul MN (bought Tsavorite gemstones)

Thank you for inquiring about the possible upgrade. The ring is too beautiful to jeopardize its integrity. I now will know the next time to use the chart when ordering. It is amazing how it changes color according to the light source. Thank you again, Lisa M. of Spokane WA (bought custom chatham alexandrite ring)

Again, beautiful quality. Am relieved they finally got here! Thanks for your help Cheers, Sonia R. of Tasmania (bought loose citrine gems)

Hi Marc, I received the alexandrite. The quality exceeded my expectations. Your stone was much nicer than anything that I saw locally. You got a repeat customer! Michelle R. of Chicago IL (bought loose alexandrite) My son delivered the stone and Denice was thrilled! Thanks Marc….a loooong road but all ended as we wanted Thank you for following up Michael D. from Naples FL (bought loose spessartite garnet)

The aquamarine stones arrived yesterday. Lovely color, as are all stones I have received from Africa Gems! They are already set in gold earring mounts and in my ears. Love them! Thank you! Renny B. from Province MA (bought loose aquamarines)

Marc, The ring is magnificent! Well worth the wait. Betty is very happy. The full cut diamonds make a world of difference and show off the alexandrite very nicely. I can't thank you enough for your excellent sales and service. --- If your up to it, I have another job for you. Eugene M from Albany NY (bought custom alkexandrite ring)

Hi Mark, I received the ring today and can not express enough how happy I am with it; great quality and design; it is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you, P.S. gummy bears was a cute touch, Bianna F. from Staten Island NY (bought quartz diamond ring)

Ok no problem. Thanks again for being so great. You have really helped to make a great experience for both of us. Brendan G. of St. Paul MN (bought heart shape blue sapphire)

Marc, The ring is great! We always wanted those alexandrites to stay together, and the bypass ring was the perfect solution. It's always a pleasure to work with you. Your attention to customer satisfaction and quality workmanship are first rate. Thanks, Eugene M. from Albany NY (bought custom alexandrite diamond ring)

Marc, I received my replacement alexandrites today and I absolutely love them. They are perfect. Thank you so much for your quick response, attention to detail and wonderful customer service. Doing business with Africa Gems has been a lovely experience and I look forward to doing business with you in the future. God bless. Lisa L. of Dover PA (bought loose alexandrite gems)

Received ring, sharp. Weird how the cognac diamonds make the silver look gold. Good job. Might have just made a sale for u with the ups man! She is gonna love it. When the shirt man gets my shirts made i will shoot u one out. Mark C from Birmingham AL (bought custom silver diamond ring)

Hi Marc, I hope you remember this ring, one year and a bit later, thought I'd send you some pics. It truly is gorgeous! My baby girl is a May flower, I'll be getting her something in the future! Thanks again! Cheers, Natalie B. of London UK (bought alexandrite diamond ring band)

Hi Marc The jewelry & gems have arrived. Well.....what can I say....Holy Sh... Absolutely stunning! Janetta is in her own little Nirvana! Now she will really bankrupt me! A great big thanks Karl K. from Manitoba Canada (bought many gems)

No worries, I'm thrilled with your service and the quality of gems.I will definitely be back whenever I need more! Thanks much, Rob G of Gary IN (bought loose aquamarines)

The purchase i made was well worth it , i bought a band had it put in the band and asked my girl friend to marry me. She said yes . Thanks again Paul H. from Charlotte MD (bought white sapphire gemstone)

My alexandrite ring was way beyond my expectations. It’s absolutely beautiful and I truly love it. I have waited a long time to get an Alexandrite ring. Well worth the wait. The service was outstanding and the quality was outstanding. Paula L. from Bethesda MD (bought large alexandrite diamond platinum ring)

Your service was great. My friend (and gemologist) did not think the lapis was the quality that I should use. I agreed. Thank you for being so professional and following up. Howard Z. of Bronx NY (bought & returned Lapis gemstone)

I wear my two Alexandrite rings everyday! Never thought I would own real Alexandrite gems. Thanks to AfricaGems I now have two beauties that are my constant companions. I love watching their color in different lights as they interpret types by changing from teal to raspberry to combinations of both! I must also tell you the quality gold designs are wonderfully unique but classic. This attracted me to the two I purchased. I know the stones are not Russian but I believe they far surpass the lab grown one's now available. Especially in color. My Russian ancestry made me interested in all things Russian even though my immigrant grandparents tightly closed that door. Thank you for providing a wonderful service to the average jewelry connesoir of special gems and style. Sincerely, Joy P. of Nahant MA (bought alexandrite solitaire ring)

Hi Marc, The ring arrived today and it is lovely. Thanks. Carol B. of Rockville MD (bought Fleur de Lis pearl ring)

The Aquamarine ring is beautiful and thank you for your great service. That 20 percent off coupon is very tempting. lol.. Dawn T. of Newport CA (bougth aquamarine diamond gold ring)

I am very happy with the stones I received. The tanzanite marquises are stunning stones! The larger tanzanite has a very rich blue color with a light hint of purple. I am also very happy with the 2.13 ct. Amethyst trilliant-cut. At first I wanted to keep it for my small collection. I then decided it was the perfect Christmas gift for my mother. As I went back to Italy during my winter leave I had the stone set in a beautiful white gold pendant. She loves it and wear it almost at every occasion. Moreover, every friend ask were the beautiful pendant and amazing Amethyst comes from. Thank you! Lorenzo M. of Dallas TX (bought tanzanite amethyst gems)

Yes, I am completely happy with the gemstone,price, and delivery, better still, so was my customer. Thank you. Birdie M. of Greensboro TN (bought yellow beryl gemstone)

I would just like to let you know that I received my Ring yesterday and I am absolutely delighted with it. it is beautiful. Thank you so much. Sharyn M. of Melbourne AU (bought black spinel pearl diamond ring)

Thanks Marc. It sure did take awhile to find the right one, but it was definitely worth it! I also couldn't have done it without your help, so I am very grateful for your efforts.Once you send me the details for a wire transfer, I will send over money right away. Thank you again. Andrew W. of Vancouver Canada (bought loose blue sapphire gem)

Marc, Thank you for another lovely ring, I have been so pleased with the rings you have put together for me. I do look forward to doing more business with you in the future.Does AfricaGems and your jeweler have actual walk in type stores? My son will be in your area in April and we were curious. Thanks again Pamela G. of Fargo SD (bought custom made sapphire ring)

I just want to thank you for your prompt refund. I got a chance to wear my beautiful ring! It is absolutely gorgeous . The morganite and the mounting are wonderful, already getting compliments. Love it, I will buy again! Thanks!!! Janice M. of Montgomery AL (bought morganite diamond ring)

Hello, I am completely satisfied!!! Thank you very much to whole team for making my experience with Africagems worriless. The ring is beautiful, well made and BIG! I was lucky to get that ring for a comparably low price. The Customer Service is awesome! On my questions which I sent by email got the responds in a few minutes and fully. Thank you very much and I will purchase from Africagems again, and will recommend it to my friends! Alana B. of Tucson AZ (bought amethyst diamond gold ring)

Hi Marc, I had the stones looked at by a gemologist. Unsurprisingly, his observations are in line with your description. I was looking around on your website the other day and it kindly renegotiated a price on the 0.79ct by offering 10 off the list price during checkout. At this point, I am interested in the 0.79 with the 10 discount and am comfortable enough to purchase it with a letter of certification from you in lieu of the AGL cert. Cheers, Eric S. (bought loose alexandrite gemstone)

I do love the stone. It's very beautiful! My only concern is it didn't come with lab certificate. But I can count on your letter of gemstone certification for it, can I? Best, Hong Z. of Hong Kong (bought loose red spinel stone)

Thank you very much for the follow-up questions. Without a doubt I'm another satisfied customer and recommend your store to others. Looking forward to future purchases. Best regards, Pam C. of Sacramento CA (bought loose gems)

Thanks, Marc. The Sapphire is great. If you're interested see attached photo to see what my jeweller built around it.I'm sure a special person will be very happy soon. Hannes B. of Hamburg Germany (bought loose pink sapphire)

The stone is great and is already mounted. Thank you for this nice stone. If you have a certificate describing the stone and or attesting to its authenticity, please send. Martin T. of Lawerence VA (bought large tsavorite garnet)

Hello Mr. Sarosi I am extremely happy with the ring. It arrived much sooner than I expected and I know my granddaughter will love it. I gave her 4 choices and she picked the one that was my favorite also. I don't plan to give it to her until June but I know she will enjoy wearing it. Adrienne M. of Barstow CA (bought pearl and diamond ring)

Hi Marc, Received the gorgeous gems today. My wife is thrilled to bits. Thanks a lot Karl K. of Toronto Canada (bought several large gems)

Hello Marc, I just thought I would show you the spinel I purchased form you a couple months ago in the setting that my fiancé and I had made. Please excuse the quality of the attached pictures from my cell phone camera! The gem looks great and we have received numerous compliments on how gorgeous and different the color of center stone is. Our jeweler was more of a diamond person so was unfamiliar with spinels before I educated him about them, but agreed the cut and clarity were great, and was happy to set the gem for us.Thanks so much again, it was great working with you and being able to keep the gem we preferred of the two we initially ordered.Stephanie C. of Madison WI (bought loose purple spinel)

Marc Will do and thank you.... Francis loves the stone. I want her to take it to the jeweler weuse and have it looked at, not at ALL that I'm not trusting you as it is very expensive. John B. of Naples FL (bought large yellow sapphire)

Marc, The 11x9 would be great, thanks...I have to tell you many years ago when I first came upon your site there was a paraiba diamond ring that was just stunning for 5K. I hesitated and it was gone... Year after year I would peruse your site hoping for another like it... I obviously still think about it haha... Because I visited your site often, I got a lot of feel for the quality of your product and have always been impressed! Even, with the one that got away!!! Thanks Again for the substitution. Regards, Linda S. of Charlotte NC (bought several ametrine gems)

Mr. Sarosi was extreamly helpful. I bought loose stones for a custom setting, and the jeweler who assembled the setting was impressed at the quality of the stones. I will buy from AfricaGems.com again, and have recommended them to several other friends and family!!! Thank you so much for making may wife's ring everything she hoped it would be!!!!! Steven G. of Boston MA (bought several loose gemstones)

Dear Marc, Just received the colour-change garnets. They are stunning. Your images were so detailed right down to the inclusions which I thought were stray lines in the picture. It does not detract from the beauty of these gems. Your customs valuations also saved me import duties. Thanks Marc. Best regards, YK Lee from Perth Australia (bought 2 color change garnets)

Hi Marc, I loved it! My only feedback is that it was slightly annoying that I would have to open the gemstone case to remove the magnifying glass. I wish I could observe it without ever opening the case. Minor thing really, hope this info helps in anyway. Thanks, Jesse W. from Antioch IL (bought loose yellow topaz gem)

Hello Marc, Yes, I am satisfied with my purchase. I lost one of four stones in a ring and so the ring sat in my closet for 10 years until I consulted a friend who told me to try online and gave me advice how to measure the stone in millimeters. However I did not find your online diagrams of stone size to be accurate and am glad that instead of using that to determine size I relied on my attempt to measure with a ruler. It turns out the size was perfect and the stone just the right color to match my ring. I saw other such stones at much less but took the chance to get a good fit and glad I did. Elisse T. from Costa Mesa CA (bought mozambique garnet)

Hi Marc, I am more than happy with the gems I ordered from you. They arrived promptly and in good condition. When I took them to the jeweller to have them set he commented on what I beautiful cut they were. I look forward to dealing with you in the future. Regards, Suzanne W. of Langgarin Australia (bought smokey quartz gems)

Marc, Everything was received and the jeweler that is crafting my engagement ring felt the stones generally reflected a fair price for what I was charged. His only comment was regarding the matched pair of princess cut sapphires. One of them had white sapphire on the underside (my layman language) so he would have suggested I switch it out. However, he indicated that if he accounted for that flaw by mounting it slightly under the center stone it should not be noticeable. I'm so busy with school, etc. so I just went with it. Other than that, everything is fine and I pick up the ring this Friday. Thanks for checking up with me. Eric E. from Dallas TX (bought various loose gems)

Hi Marc, I would like to thank you for your patience and professionalism concerning this problem. Since the stone weighs about .60 carats according to you and a separate source, I looked for a reason why the stone diameter measured so differently. When I first measured it I used a digital caliper. Today I calibrated the caliper and found it is significantly inaccurate. Using another"s tool it measured very close to the 5.5 carats I originally ordered. I truly apologize for all of the trouble I put you through and am glad that you discovered the disparity between the size and the weight. Other that the fact that I thought the stone the wrong size, I found it to be very high quality and your service terrific. Again, thanks Robert P. from Spokane WA (bought loose tanzanite)

I was happy with my purchase and will be using your site again. Thank You. Sallie G. of Kenbridge VA (bought bloodstone gems)

This diamond was exactly what I was looking for, and the shipping was fast. Couldn't ask for more. Thank you! Gloria H. of Vista CA (bought diamond)

Love my london blue topaz exelent color !! Fast shipping I will buy again soon .. !!!! Vicky N. from Forth Hood TX (bought london blue topaz)

Hi Marc,The two aquamarines were a perfect color match for my 1.2 ct Brazilian aquamarine. Thanks for the great products and customer service! I will actually be ordering about a dozen melee sized stones, mixture of diamonds and aquamarines from AfricaGems in a couple weeks. Thanks again, Jon T. of Arlington VA (bought various gemstones)

Dear Marc, The gems arrived yesterday. They are stunning! I am so pleased and very happy that I found your website and your company. Many thanks! Renny B. from Provincetown MA (bought various loose gems)

I'm sorry,i don't know how to leave feedback. Is it the same to you if i just write here in this email. I received the gemstone in time, and everything was in perfect condition. I am so glad i chose to buy from you! Thank you for everything, Camilla F from Empolio Italy (bought Mystic Topaz gems)

Marc, I am totally satisfied. I had the gem mounted at a jeweller store and they were impressed with is quality and colour. Many thanks, Normand P of Montreal Canada (bought loose blue sapphire)

The stone looked great! We've already placed it into a setting. Spencer R. of Copper Head TX (bought London Blue Topaz)

Thanks for the note Marc. I appreciate your attention to quality. Why don’t you ship the order without the baguette and let me know if you receive any in the future that you think would work. You can refund and we can process separately if you do locate one later. Kind Regards, Dawn M. of Lasco OK (bought tsavorite baguette)

Hi Marc, Thank you so much for the discount and the help with the customs:) I really appreciate your great service, and the donation from every purchases to the Zambian Childrens fund is great thing I'm looking forward of doing business with you again. Kind regards, Pasi T. of Finland (bought various loose stones)

Marc, I received the gem today. It is amazingly beautiful. Thank you so much. Eddie H. of Overland Park KS (bought spessartite garnet gem)

Surprise! Delivered today! The more I see it, the better I love it! It is my forever right hand middle finger ring! The stone is amazing! Changing, flashing color! It was worth the wait! joy My only request would be a send date and potential delivery date. Otherwise, thank you! Joy S. of Nahant MA (bought alexandrite ring)

Hi Marc, Just wanted to let you know I received the tourmaline and it is absolutely gorgeous. I am thrilled with it, love the color. Now that I see it, I'm thinking a ring with this stone would be beautiful. I will let you know, probably after the holidays. Also, the earrings are very pretty, they are a Christmas gift for my daughter, I'm sure she will be happy with them. Have a Wonderful Holiday and a Happy New Year! Thanks, Terese U of New York NY (bought neon tourmaline)

Marc, I got the gems. They are wonderful. The rubies are a bit pinker than expected, but I will try AA next time. I love the color of the Tsavorites. Perfect! Thanks for waiting for the appropriate quality. I really appreciate that kind of customer service. I will order from you again! Kind Regards, Dawn M. of Spokane WA (bought loose rubies and garnets)

It was even better than I anticipated and I am very happy with the quality of the piece. Thank you for your quick service. Dawn B. of Charlotte NC (bought opal gold pendant)

Hi Mark, Just received the beautiful paraiba tourmaline earrings which my husband purchased for me. WOW! Will be doing business with you again. Thank you for your help. Sincerely, Mary C. of Boston MA (bought loose tourmalines and made earrings)

Thank-you so much! I was getting worried. Now even more so as I fear nobody will be home here when delivered tomorrow. I'll leave a signed note on the gate, and hopefully that will surfice. Imperative I receive prior Xmas as I shopped for another individual who is counting on me to come through for him! But we're both excited to see this ring which is a surprise for his wife! Thank-you for your excellent service so far! Merry Christmas! Toni S. of Dallas TX (bought solitaire alexandrite ring)

Hey Marc, Just wanted to let you know the stone arrived yesterday, and it is beautiful! Thank you so much! Merry Christmas! Lisa S. of Pasadena CA (bought zircon gemstone)

Mary's ring.... Well.... Holy S..t does sum it up.... WOW, Thank you so much for putting this together... its just spectacular!!
Nick T of Englishtown NJ (bought custom made tanzanite ring)

Hi Marc.....The gems have arrived...they are PERFECT with the dress. Meeting with jeweler tomorrow. Stay tuned......and thanks for all your help!
Suzanne D of Andover MA (bought various topaz gems)

Thank you very much, The jeweler liked the quality of the rubies, she goes to Thailand often to get colored stones. Thanks,
Brad D of Spring Grove PA (bought loose rubies)

Hi Marc, Thank you for sending the label. The sapphire was beautiful, but my husband was more comfortable buying the gem where we bought our engagment ring a few years ago. Thank you so much!
Megan E of Harvgrave IA (considered a blue sapphire gem)

Hi, Just a note to let you know the above order arrived safely today. The jewellery is absolutely beautiful! I couldn't be more pleased with it - especially as it was bought to go with my wedding dress. The big day is June next year. Had I had the outfit with me, I could not have got a better match for colour and style.Many thanks for your good service, and hope to do business with you again some time. Regards,
Fiona D of Galloway UK (bought pink tourmaline opal jewelry set)

Hi Marc, Yes I am happy with the purchase a nice stone thank you. It is already set in a ring with shoulder diamonds and as I understand from my client will be presented as his 50th wedding anniversary present to his wife on 8th sept. So thank you and I will be in touch again for gemstone purchases. kind regards
Tracie E of Cabramatta AU (bought loose precious topaz))

Hi Marc, I have just received my Morganite ring and it is positively exquisite, so thank you, thank you, thank you. Kind Regards,
Debbie P. of Perth AU (bought rose gold morganite ring)

Hi Mr. Sarosi, I am very pleased with my shopping experience with AfricaGems. The process was smooth and friendly, and the gem looks great! Thank you very much,
Jarron B. of Arlinbgton VA (bought loose chatham blue sapphire gemstone)

The iolites arrived and look nice. Thank you.
Mary M of Wakefield MA (bought matched iolite round gemstones)

Marc, I received gemstones and they are indeed beautiful. Although I did not have time to watch them under good magnification, I must say that your photos do not lie and your reputation is well deserved. Luckily Fedex managed to clear all issues in import office. Thanks, and looking to trade with you in the future!
Krzysztof B of Warsaw Poland (bought loose emerald and blue sapphires)

HI Marc, Thank you for following up with me regarding the gorgeous gem stone. It is actually a replacement for a missing diamond for my wife's wedding band and I am extremely happy with the quality and the colors of the Alexandrite. The marquise shaped diamond was lost when the prongs on the ring was bent and therefore it was important that we found the ideal replacement stone that is symbolic of our lives together... and Marc, I could not be happier. For that, I thank you Marc. The personal phone call prior to you shipping the gem along with this follow up e mail certainly tells me the caring business person you are and I certainly appreciate that! I will most certainly look to you if I am ever in need of any special gems in the future!Have a great evening!
Chey B of Livonia MI (bought marquise alexandrite gem)

Marc, Just received the ring today. I think it's beautiful!!! I also think the woman I am in love with will be blown away by it. Thank you so very much for all your help with this order. You can rest assured all my friends will hear about you and your business and you quest for excellence! Best regards.
Jo R. of Arwonk NY (bought black pearl diamond gold ring)

I've got the emerald, and it looks great. Thanks for all your help and I'm sorry I haven't gotten back with you sooner. I've been rather busy. Take care and I'll keep you in mind for any further stones. thanks again.
Chris D. of Resnburg VA (bought loose emerald)

Hello Marc, the carnelians are very nice. Thank you for sending them.Best Greetings,
Kristin A. of Apalachicola FL (bought red carnelian gems)

Dear Marc, I have little knowledge about gem, thus not able to deliberate much on the quality. From my observation, the topaz you sent me has a nice shine and beautiful color compared to usual Zirconia. Wish that i ordered a bigger size though. On shopping experience, i'm quite disappointed that the pink topaz is not available, because when i placed an order, i presumed that all the online offer is available. It took me quite sometimes to choose the gem, only to be informed later that it is not available since this is my first experience shopping from US onlinewebsite, i have certain skepticism of reliability or being conned. However, the item was delivered very fast and i'm happy for it. Looking forward for future purchase,
Amin Husin of Malaysia (bought several loose gemstones)

Hi Marc, I am very satisfied with the stones in this order. I used them to replace some poor quality diamonds in a piece of jewelry, it's amazing what a difference a well-cut stone makes. Under magnification, it's apparent they have the same number of facets as a larger stone, unlike many other small stones where they think no one can tell the difference. Each one is like a tiny work of art. I'll be back! John E. of Raymond OH (purchased round diamonds)

Thank you, Marc! And thanks also for the excellent customer service... very impressive! Kara C. Bossier City LA (bought loose blue sapphire gems)

Completely satisfied! Very nice stone = will check your site when I am in need again.Sherrill T. of Tekemah NE (loose black onyx gem)

Thank you soo much!!! The gem is beautiful!!!!! Jaime P.of Temecula CA (bought tanzanite pear cut gem)

Hi Marc , Thank you for following up and yes I am 100% satisfied with the stone and the service and would not hesitate to do business with you again in the future . Jeff S. of Boise ID (loose small diamond)

In regards to your request for feedback,ebay is not giving me a place to leave feedback also i doo't use facebook,so I'll just say to you it was a great ring for the price,my wife was very pleased with it as a motherrs day gift. thank you very much john s. of Hammond NY (Checkerboard onyx ring)

Hello, I was 100% happy with the Topaz stones, they were a perfect match. I will be happy to comment on FaceBook too. I am starting to create a number of new designs where I hope to purchase more from you (its taking me too long!) Thanks for following up, it's very nice that you do.John L. of Ijamsville MD (Paradise blue passion topaz pear cut)

I want to say thank you so much, the ring did arrive and it was beautiful, my friend wanted to give his girlfriend a different stone for thier engagement and she like it very much. You made her very happy Beverly W. of Inglewood CA( opal & diamond ring)

Boy, Marc, talk about staying on top of things for your customers. If this works out, I'm sure there will be other orders from myself and colleagues. Michell P.of Hope hull AL (Chatham created emerald)

Just read your email about asking for feedback; I have passed on my gems to be made into a ring, lovely colour of both gems. Very Happy,thank you!!Joanne W. Elfland NC (opal, diamond gemstone gold pendant & white gold free chain)

As always, I am extremely happy with my purchase and will continue to do business with you Terese U. of West babylon NY (sterling silver fashion ring)

Hello Marc, I am waiting for my costumer to come in early next week. I am sure she will be happy with one of the two. I most likely will be sending one back. I am very happy with the stones and felt they are very well represented on you web sight. I will defiantly be looking to do more with you when we have a call I will let you know ASAP about what stone we will keep. Thank you, Gretchen S. of Morristown NJ (bought purple sapphire)

Marc, They are great. I appreciate your help. The only question I have is the additional 10 percent off from the Time2Buy counter on you page. I don't think i got that discount, and certainly made the purchase in time. Can you help here. Also, I'll need 17 matched Round Precision Ideal Cut VS, F Color 2.0mm diamonds for a wedding band. Your site only allows me to purchase 10. Can you help here. Thanks
Jim M. of Champaign IL (bought melee diamonds)

I am so very impressed with your company. The stone I ordered arrived today. It is beautiful and perfect. I also appreciate your daily updates. I will recommend you to my friends and also the jewelry club gals who meet in my community. Thank you!!
Phyllis H. of Huntington Beach CA (bought red garnet)

Good Morning Marc, I was not happy with the Rubies that the jeweler had presented, so I began my search for a natural Ruby from Burma. I could not locate one in the size I needed which was 3.8mm round. My next choice was a natural Madagascar and you had one but it was 4.00mm. I took a chance and ordered yours and I also ordered a treated stone from Burma which was the 3.8mm just in case the jeweler could not fit the 4.00mm stone in the ring. Both were beautiful stones and just the right Pidgin Blood Red I wanted. Your stone was selected as the best choice and the jeweler was able to fit it in. I will enjoy looking at your stone everyday. Thank you for your professional manner in handling my purchase.
Gary B. of Richmond TX. (bought loose rubies)

Hi Marc , I kept meaning to let you know, so thanks for the reminder. I did receive the diamond you sent, it is exquisite and will go very well in the setting I have to accent a gorgeous kyanite. I think it would be a very good move in the future to send small diamonds in a ziplock bag, maybe. I have had other gems sent that way, it is easier to spot the stone and you don't have to worry about the possibility of it accidently popping out, either when it is being packaged or when it is unpacked by the recipient. Thanks again, I'll be back!
John E. of Rymond OH (bought loose diamonds)

Hi Marc, Yes, the experience is one I can only hope for as a consumer. You and your fellow associates were quick to respond and even paid my return shipping. I'm very pleased with my emerald and I'm happy that I swapped for the larger free size it's much more magnificent in person than on my monitor. As this is my first custom piece I've ever assembled, let me say using your services and paying a jeweler to make my piece has literally saved me several hundred dollars. I will keep you in mind for future projects and for anyone who was like me, quietly pondering if they could make their sketch on a back of a parking ticket a reality.
Andrea V. of Tallahasee FL (bought loose emerald)

Yes, Marc. It was a quite a story. Took her through an adventure of remembering places we had met before that were of importance to us. At the end is when I brought out the ring! It was totally unexpected but she was definitely happy. Thank you for your time to reply to our questions. You have been very helpful and provided great customer service. I will look forward to the certificate of certification with a retail value. Much appreciated. We will definitely take care of this beautiful ring! If we resize it, it will be locally. I scored you on yahoo as a merchant with all very high ratings! Thank you and God bless you
Paul R. of Kailua HI (bought tanzanite diamond ring)

Mr. Sarosi, The Gems are beautiful and thanks for the discount!
Savannah S. of San Diego CA (bought topaz gems) Mr. Sarosi, I am satisfied with the citrines, they met my needs exactly. I noticed in some of the accompanying paperwork that you do custom jewelry design. I have a 26ct Aquamarine that I would like to make into a brooch, surrounded by a number of London Blue Topazs and Aquamarines. What would you suggest, and how would we proceed? Thanks
Erik W. of OFallon MO (bought citrine gemstones)

Hello Marc, I was completely happy and satisfied with my order. I do know if and when I ever need to order loose gemstones again I will be coming to you first. Not only was I able to find what I wanted, but your prices were reasonable too.
Hope M. of Neward DE (bought various loose gems)

Hi Marc, I am very pleased with the tanzanite stones I ordered. I also appreciate your proactive communication. After my positive experience with this transaction, I would definitely recommend your business
Cathy M. of Vermillion SD (bought loose tanzanite gems)

I am COMPLETELY happy with the stone, and msot of all, AMAZED that I figured out ow to measure it. I had no tools here, and it was a gap in a casting that already held 19 other stones of the same type and size. No question yours is of higher quality, but it's nearly a perfect match and an absolutle size match, the jeweler I took it to for setting couldn't believe that I figured out what size to order with a tiny hand held magnifying glass and a soft dressmakers tape! Thanks for the follow-up. I'll be back!
Deb S. of Elk Grove CA (bought loose tanzanites)

As always, the gems are beautiful and I can't wait to set them. Thank you so much
Amber S. of Hazel, PA (bought tanzanite and onyx gems)

I am very happy with the stone I received. I used it to replace the stone that had cracked in my favorite ring. The jeweler even commented on how nice the stone was. I intend to use your website again in the future. Thank you,
Adrienne E. of Philadelphia PA (bought loose amethyst gemstone)

Hi Marc, I received the stone. It is beautiful. I look forward to ordering other stones in the future. Thank you
Ron L. of Erie PA (bought loose tanzanite)

Marc, The opals look great mounted in the gold earing studs that I did for my wifes birthday. I bookmarked your site and will buy from you again.
Doug M. of Batavia OH (bought mexican fire opals)

Hi Marc, I appreciate the follow up from you. If you remember I actually purchased a different garnet from you (Mozambique) that I had to return since it didn't quite match the color I needed. The gemstone itself was perfect though. So first off returning the original gem to you was seemless and easy. I am very pleased with the rhodolite gemstone I ended up purchasing and keeping. It was perfectly described and was very reasonably priced. I have yet to have the gemstone set but am looking forward to having it either in a pendant or ring for my wife. This is not my first purchase from you and will not be my last. Thanks again,
Luke I. of Bristow VA (bought rhodolite garnet gem)

Yes thank you very much, received the order very well and everything is ok.
Christain V. from Belgium, (bought loose white topaz gems)

Hello, I am happy to let you know that we were 100 percent satisfied with our order, the stone was perfect in size and quality, shipping went well too. I have been busy trying to figure out how to structure part of our business model towards more single stones and gems and to offer a multitude of settings too which if successful would mean more business with you. We currently design and sell mostly finished jewelry but with this revised approach I will be designing a new line to integrate many pieces that you carry. Thank you again for a great product and delivery.
John L. of Ijamsville MD. (bought loose black onyx gemstones)

I do not put my personal information out all over the internet in order to participate in the Orwellian nightmare. The gems I purchased are quite nice, I am certainly satisfied with them and the costs.
Tim of Gilfort NH (bought amethyst stones)

Marc, I took the stones (birthstones of my 3 children) to a local jeweler, had them mounted in a simple setting, and with some blanks that my children punched their names on made a necklace for my wife and she loved it. I will defineltly contact you in the future, eg the next time I'm in the dog house. It's amazing how far a few stones will go! Thanks,
Andy L. of Bohema NY (bought emerald and alexandrite gems)

Hei Marc, The emerald arrived safely today. It is absolutely lovely. Thank you for choosing such a beautiful stone. Thanks also for ticking gift. That meant no customs duty, which here on Tenerife is 30 percent of the value for countries outside the European Union! Best wishes,
Carole L. of Spain (bought loose emerald)

Hi Marc, every thing is fine and we will place the next order in a couple of days. Kind Regards, also to Chaya,
Claus S. of Germany (bought many types of loose stones)

The quality of the stones I purchased was top notch. The shipping was quick and the customer service exceptional. Thanks,
Victor R of Carrolton GA (bought opal and sapphires)

Hello Marc, I received the rubies today and they are just like you described. They are gorgeous and my wife loves them, so we have decided we are going to keep them. I'm sure that we'll be doing more business with you in the future, as your service and prices have been great! One last question, my wife is wondering based on your expert opinion, what you would classify the grade on this ruby pair as (A, AA, AAA, GEM) Thank you,
Jason C of Portalnd OR (bought matching ruby gems)

Hi Marc, I have just received my beautiful garnet. It has been a pleasure shopping with Africa Gems. Thank you very much for your prompt and efficient service! Best Regards,
Geraldine H. of Singapore (bought loose red garnet)

Hi Marc, The second stone was perfect ! Where would you like me to send the chipped stone to. Thanks again
Konrad G. of Pensacola FL (bought amethyst gem)

Hi Marc, Just wanted to let you know I received the demantoid garnet and it is beautiful. I love the secondary blue color it has. Now I am anxious for the ring. Again have a wonderful trip and I will talk to you when you get back. Thanks
Terese U of Brooklyn NY (bought Namibian loose demantoid gem)

Excellent service, as I made an error on the size stone I needed, they handled the exchange in a superb manner. Making it very easy and pleasant for myself. Thank you kindly AfricaGems.com
John V. of Reno NV (bought loose aquamarine)

Marc, I gave it to her for New Year's (it's the unofficial Russian Christmas). She loves it! Thank you again for the ring and the opportunity to spoil my wife. Thanks,
Jon N. of Albany NY (bought custom made mothers ring)

Received my stone yesterday and it is lovely. I wasn’t kidding, I do still want a 12mm round. Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks,
Elizabeth G. of Pasadena CA (bought amethyst gem)

Hi Marc, The ruby looks great. The colour is the finest I have seen and the fluorescence in sunlight is sensational. I was a bit nervous buying a stone sight unseen, but I am very happy with it. I will certainly be back for my next purchase! Much appreciated,
Scott D. of Adelaide Australia (bought loose ruby)

Hello Marc, This was a gift for a friend of mine and it is exactly what she is looking for. Thank you.
Elke W. of Port Huron WI (bought aquamarine ring)

Marc, Thanks for the great service with the ring. My fiance loved the design and enjoys the colors. It turned out perfect and your ability to match the design from the picture was very helpful. Thanks,
Brian H. of Dublin VA (order custom alexandrite gold engagment ring)<br
Marc, The earrings are beautiful. I am very satisfied with the quality of the stones. The transaction was handled promptly and professionally. I will be ordering from your store again. Thanks,
Anne W. of Thrall TX (ordered swiss blue topaz custom earrings)

Hi Marc, I got in last night and finally saw the stone. It is beautiful and we will be keeping it. Thank you for all of your help!! Please send the original AGTA certificate to my sister as well as an invoice from you with details. Kind regards,
Sue Jean of Geneva Swizterland (bought Ceylon sapphire)

Hi Marc, Yes, I put them in the 9 x 7 castings I had. They are very bright. Thanks, Lorrie S. of Itasca IL (bought loose pink passion topaz gems)

Dear Marc Just received notification from PayPal that the refund for the briolette peridots that I was unable to use came through today. Many thanks indeed for the great customer service. Although it didn't work out this time, it was a pleasure dealing with you and I would have no hesitation about buying from you again. Best regards,
Linda D. Toronto, ON (bought/returned peridot briolettes)

Marc, Yes everything when well I received the gems last week. Brgds,
Tom D. of Pitu, Guam (bought mystic green topaz gems)

Good morning Marc - my bracelet arrived yesterday. It turned out beautifully! Please thank your jeweler for the excellent work. Wishing you and your family a very happy holiday season. I will certainly be back in touch with any new jewelry projects. Best regards,
Isabel V. of Palm Beach FL (bought custom sapphire bracelet)

Dear Marc, I gave my wife the necklace I bought from you for the birth of our new daughter, and she loves it. But I gave her the earrings for her birthday a few days ago, and she has decided she would like something else. I need to know the return procedure for the ear rings. Look forward to hearing from you. Regards,
Jack T. of London UK (bought pearl necklace & pearl earrings)

Hi Marc, The ruby looks great. The colour is the finest I have seen and the fluorescence in sunlight is sensational. I was a bit nervous buying a stone sight unseen, but I am very happy with it. I will certainly be back for my next purchase! Much appreciated,
Scott W. of Balkaham Hills Austrailia (bought loose burma ruby)

Hi Marc, I am very happy with my amethyst from AfricaGems. It is just what I was looking for. Thank you for the quick shipment and lovely gem. Bye for now,
Bettina C of Casper WY (bought loose amethyst gem)

The stone was gorgeous!! I had already sent you an email but I guess you didn't receive it. The ring turned out exactly as I wanted and was breathtaking. Than you so much for recommending the teal passion over the swiss blue.
Alexandra D of Irving TX (bought teal passion topaz)

Thank you, I recived the requsted Gems and my customer was very happy with the Glacier Blue Pasion Topaz, which I mounted in a ring for them, I ordered the Rainforest Passion Topaz, for my self and I mounted as a pendandt, which I put out for sale. I have your company booked marked, and will probley order again
Frank V. owner Loop-Jacobsen Jewelers Inc (bought passion topaz gemstones)

My feedback is simply this: I have come to expect exceptional product quality as well as fine customer service from my vendors and suppliers. Africa Gems is a perfect example of this high standard of service.Thank you and please expect future business from my company. Sincerely,
Gabriel H. of San Antonio TX (purchased loose Swiss Blue Topaz)

Dear Marc, I wanted to send you a response letter about my stones after I had them placed in my wedding/engagement ring I will do that when my ring is done too! But for now all the stones are perfect in size to fit my ring, and the color in each stone they are all amazing I can't nit wait until my ring is complete! Thank you so much
Carrie M. of Plainfield IL (purchased Tanzanite gemstones)

hi marc i received my raspberry garnet today. it's a little bit darker than i would have liked, but the shape and clarity are gorgeous, so i'll be keeping it. it's quite a lovely stone. what kind of setting do you think might help lighten the stone? a high-set mounting or surrounding it with diamonds? i could use your thoughts. this is the first purchase i've made from africa gems and i'm very pleased. thank you for your help.
lisa L. of Glastonbury CT (purchased loose rhodlite garnet gem)

hi Marc just received the stone yesterday, i am really happy with it, now im interested in rhodolite garnet and i added one in my shopping cart. i have checked the item detail and i dont see enough information about it like treatment if any, certificate if any. dimension is only thing i found. its a antique cushion cut with checkerboard. do you have any stone with brilliant cushion cut. thank you regard
Chi H of Melbourne Australia (purchased color change garnet stone)

Love my garnet. Picking it up today from jeweler where he is mounting it in an enhancer. Thank you.
Wanda S. of Lancaster SC (purchased red garnet loose gemstone)

Hi Marc, My beautiful ring arrived a few minutes ago, it fits perfectly and it feels so comfortable! Thanks for everything, I will love and treasure it always.
Darla L. of Mesa AZ (purchased ruby ring)

Hello Marc, Thank you for your email. Yes, the gems and customer service of your company did meet my expectations - everything is wonderful. The gems are gorgeous and my friend is making rings for us right now! I really appreciate your service and hopefully will do business with you again. Two thumbs up!! All was easy, including tracking the package, payment and of course finding what we needed! Sincerely,
Christin M. of Ruston, LA (purchased citrine & bloodstone gems)

Hi Marc, I ordered the gemstones on behalf of a work colleague and she is very pleased with them. The delivery time was very good as well. I will check out your facebook page and click like.
Graeme M. of Miami FL (purchased carnelian gems)

Marc, Sorry to take so long before replying. I love my ring! My friend who is a jeweler said I did very well. Thank you so much!
Deborah R. of Woodbury CT (purchased garnet gemstone ring)

Marc, Received the alex pendant. A beautiful piece thank you, Kelly loves it.
Thomas W. from Lansing KS (purchased natural alexandrite pendant)

All ordered small diamond items were fine. I appreciate your fine service and quality items. Thanks,
Carla S. of Homer NY (purchased diamond melee)

Dear Sir, I was very satisfied with the nice , little purple diamond You sent me. I got it set in a ring . Best Regards,
Peter F. of Trondheim Norway (purchased loose purple diamond)

Hi Marc, I have the pendant and it is beautiful. The chain was a little tied up in knots when it arrived, but I was able to get them out with a needle!!
Jane M. of Sturbridge MA (purchased aquamarine gold pendant)

I ordered 2 topaz gemstones and when I opened them I was in awe, so beautiful!!! The color looked just like the picture. I had to send back one of them because I preferred one size over the other and it was so easy to return! I have never had a company where it was this easy to send back. I love that Marc donates 1 percent of all sales to the Zambian Children's fund, that is one of the reasons I chose to order from him instead of another company. The gemstones came well packaged and very organized. Extremely impressed and I look forward to purchasing from Marc again in the future.
Chelsea K. of Kaysville UT (purchased loose topaz gems)

Hi Marc, Thanks so much for the easy exchange! Changing the size was exactly what my jeweler needed and the ring looks perfect, exactly what I wanted. Will definitely purchase again and recommend. Thanks,
Andi B. of Costa Mesa CA (purchased loose topaz gemstone)

Hello Marc, Just wanted to say thank you for the scarabs. That was exactly what I needed and wanted. Am going through some trying times health wise at present, thus the reason for the gap in time to get back to you. But be assured, I liked them and they worked out well. Again, many thanks.
Todd N. of West Bend WI (purchased carnelian scarab)

LOVE IT! Wow, real nice. I was looking at a lab grown blue diamond that was actually 500.00 more. So glad I went with a natural stone. I was worried that it would be visually flawed being SI grade but to the naked eye it is outstanding. The ocean blue color is really what I was looking for. I did register to do a review and will grade your store A. again, the stone is just wonderful. Thank you so much and thank you for picking up the shipping fees.
Keith C. of Aurora CO (purchased loose blue diamond)

Hi Marc, I was very pleased with the quality of the stones I received. I had a thought. A customer asked if I do invisible settings. Do you sell notched stones? Thanks for being such a reliable company. I know I will always receive what I saw in the picture. Sincerely,
Estelle L. of Landsdown VA (purchased loose blue sapphires)

Marc, Received the tanzanite ring- it's great. I'd be happy to accept the $500 difference in cost from the returned sapphire in store credit as I plan to buy her a yellow diamond engagement ring within a year or so.
Regards, Peter K. of NJ (purchased custom Tanzanite ring)

Thank you for getting back to me :) Here is a picture of one of the three rings we had designed using your stones. After we get our last diamond I will leave you a review on Google. We've been very happy.
Desiree M. of WA (purchased a loose diamond)

I am so thrilled with my new garnet. Usually, they are so dark in color, but the garnet you sent me is exquisite. This rich red stone is dazzling with sparkle and fire. I thank you so very much for having such wonderful treasures, and making them available to us. I will call you with my future stone needs. You're the tops.
Lois W. of Camallie WI (purchased rhodolite garnet)

I sent an e-mail immediately after receiving my ring. Sorry it didn't get your attention as I'm sure you'd be more than pleased with my report. I'm delighted with my purchase. The ring I ordered was even more beautiful than it showed online. Thank you!
Marilyn M. (purchased amethyst silver ring)

Marc, I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the aquamarine blue zambian ring. I have had so many compliments on it and have been asked where I got it. I have given them your website. I look forward to shopping with you again. regards,
Myra J. of San Antonio TX (purchased aquamarine diamond gold ring)

Marc, Thanks for asking for feedback. The first sign of an organization that cares! I love the set of Black Star Sapphires I ordered. I had shopped around online and at local jewlery stores for awhile and no one could match your price, they could not even come close. I had them made into a pair of earrings, when I took them into the jewelry store to get the work done the jeweler was very impressed with the stones. I think he was embarrassed to ask where I got them because he knew they were as good if not better then anything he could have gotten. So yes I am completely satisfied with my purchase. Your service was great, you delived the stones without delay, they actually came fairly quickly. I am always leary when I order online, was a police officer for 7 years and have my masters degree in security administration so it is hard for me to trust people all the time. You delivered the product I ordered without any hassles, on time and at a great price, I will recommend you to others and definitely use your business again! Keep up the good work and may your business prosper! I do not have a Gmail account but feel free to use my comment on your site just list me as Eric F.Thanks!
Eric F. of Port Townsend VA (purchased black star sapphires)

Marc, It is no problem, the chain is much easier to upgrade here than the stone, Thanks again for your efforts in the whole process, I understand it is not easy to sell items the client cannot actually see, in fact the major inconvenient for your business with France must be the customs. Anyway, my wife is very happy and that's the whole point.I would clearly recommend a purchase with you. Best regards,
Pierre G. of Paris France (purchased custom blue sapphire & diamond pendant)

Hi Marc, Thank you so much for your follow up email. I am very happy with the stone purchased from you. At the moment, it is being made into a ring of my husband's design, will have 1 more weeks of waiting and I will be able to see the result. however, I would like to thank you for such a beautiful stone at a very good price. alll the best and if the ring works out fine, I definitely will be back for more. have a nice Sunday,
Cindy D. from Sydney, Australia. (purchased loose amethyst gem)

Hi Marc, I'm very happy with your service and the quality of the stones. Will definitely order again. Best wishes,
Jeff L. of New York, NY (purchased loose peridot gemstone)

Hi Marc, I'm sorry Marc but I have no clue how to do what you are asking of me. I will tell you here that I was very pleased with the fast and efficient service I received from AfricaGems. I appreciated the email from you offering a larger aquamarine stone for the price of the smaller one I had ordered. I would without hesitation order from AfricaGems again. Thank You.
Laurie C. of Sault MN (purchased loose aquamarine stone)

Hi Marc, The rings have arrived and I can not tell you how happy I am. They are amazing! I have goosepumps! Thank you sooo much. I look forward to my next purchase! P.S. They fit perfectly! Kind Regards,
Kathy C. of Brisbane Australia (purchased 2 gemstone rings)

Hey Marc, You were great! and very helpful. The only problems we encountered had to do with customs here in Australia, and you were instrumental in making that as easy as possible to sort out, so thanks for that! We will definitely be recommending you to anyone who asks about our lovely new gems. Cheers!
Ben S. of Carlton Australia (purchased loose chatham gems)

Marc, Most importantly, my wife was quite happy with the beautiful ring. Your service and pricing was top notch. With many thanks,
Darrell M. of Falmouth ME purchased amethsyt diamond ring

Hi Marc, Yes, in the sunlight you can see the red. I am very pleased. I don't have a Gmail account but will log in and leave very positive feedback. I will also place another order because my 11, almost 12 year son likes the stone, so I will purchase one for him. I appreciate the additional 15% discount. Thanks for the follow up. Very professional.
Aileen A. of Nanuet NY purchased bloodstone gem

The gemstone was very nice. Just as expected. We have installed it where a gem had fallen out of my wife's ring, and it looks great. Thanks.
Rob R. of Washington DC purchased amethyst loose gemstone

Hello Marc, We finally received the pendant today,after some delay due to customs procedures.My wife is very happy with it, she says the gem is very nice, but she thinks the chain is really thin. Anyway, thank you very much for your advice, your help and super communication.
Pierre G. of Paris FR purchased custom made blue sapphire & diamond pendant

Hi Marc, I have just picked up the rings I need to tell you they are even more impressive to the naked eye, I am very happy with them and would like to thank you for your work and efforts. Thank you again, I am a most satisfied customer and look forward to doing business with you again in the future. Sincerely,
Ryan O'H of Melbourne AU purchased 2 gemstone rings

Hi Marc, The yellow sapphire custom ring arrived and it is gorgeous. You are right - the tiny diamonds surrounding the unheated sapphire intensify the color of the stone. My husband says the ring sparkles clear across the room. We are thrilled with how it turned out.Thanks so much.
Kristi G. of Gerradstown WV purchased a custom made yellow sapphire & diamond ring

Mark, We met with the jewler on Saturday and have chose the AA grade emerald to mount in the setting and will need to make arrangements to return the AAA grade emerald to you. So if you could let me know the procedure that you would like use for the return we will make the arrangements. The stones were everything that was promised and greatly enjoyed working with you and would like to work with you on future needs as they arise, Thank You.
Bob C. of Muscatine IA purchased AA grade loose emerald gem

Hi Marc, We got the gems fast and they are beautiful. Thank you sooooooooo much, the transaction was painless. Unfortunately, we don't have a gmail account, but you are welcome to cut and paste my comments onto your website. I will be back to your website to order more gems. Thanks again!
Teena S. of Loevland CO purchased loose topaz gems

Hi Marc, Thanks for checking up on the order. The diamonds are great, I'm having them set as part of an engagement ring right now. Thanks again, it was a pleasure! Best
James M of State College PA purchased diamond melee

Hi Marc, Thank you so much. You were recommended to me by some lovely people who have done business with you in the past, and they've said that you're very gracious and an all around great person to work with. I certainly believe that and do hope that we can do business again in the future.Thanks
Kimberley D. of Newton MA purchased loose spinel

Dear Marc, The ring is just awesome thankyou!!!
Bruce B of Anselmo NE purchased amethyst and diamond pave gold ring

Hi Marc, The ring arrived safely and I must say that I was absolutely delighted with the product. The ring was for my boyfriend who is thrilled with it. Thank you for a great product and service, regards
Susan B. from Bathurst NSW purchased gents gold onyx ring

Hi Marc, It started with the garnet earrings purchased for myself around Christmas. I loved the color so much I purchased the garnet ring. After that I had to have the pendant. The color of these stones is so vibrant and rich ! Let me know if you ever have a bracelet in this color of garnet.
Gwen B. from Queen Creek AZ purchased orange-red garnet ring and pendant

Marc, I am very pleased with the emerald ring that I recently purchased from you! I can depend on the high quality of your jewelry. Thanks!
Wanda D. from Mesquite TX purchased custom emerald diamond gold ring

I was satisfied with the product...as was the recipient of the gift. It did take longer than expected to ship though. but I guess late is better than never. Thank you.
Lisa B. of Lacombe Canada (purchased multi colored gemstone jewelry pendant)

Dear Marc, I am absolutely delighted with my glazier blue topaz! The colour is exactly as it was on the website and beautifully cut. The letter I recieved from you regarding the stone, left a lasting impression on me. Initially I was very worried that the parcel will get lost in South Africa. We had an unfortunated incident at the post office where I have requested for the parcel to be sent to. Just days before the parcel arrived, a woman who worked at the post office was killed with a hammer by one of her colleagues, parcels opened and the safe was broken into. I was therefore very relieved when I was notified that my parcel has arrived safely. Thank you very much!
Estelle T. of Johannesburg, South Africa (purchased loose glacier blue topaz gem)

Hello Marc, I'm so sorry for not sending you the message I thought I had already...Just found it lurking in my drafts. I was and am over the moon with my diamonds and amethyst. When I got engaged, 13 years ago, it was an extremely cheap and cheerful silver ring, I'm allergic to all other metals, with a pale blue topaz and I have always meant to spruce it up! When I have got the nerve to do this, it will be my first time setting stones! I shall send you a before and after picture. Thank you once again for your excellent quality and service...in the meantime, watch this space! Kindest regards,
Leanne K of Kent UK (purchased loose gemstones)

I did receive it yesterday. It is beautiful. Everything I hoped for. Well worth the wait. Thank you & Have a great day!
Eileen L. of Scottsdale AZ (purchased custom made amethyst diamond ring)

Hi Mark, The ring was beautiful and what at a great price! Thanks,
Danny D. of Hot Springs AR (purchased blue topaz gold ring)

I just want to add to this order, that this is the third time I have ordered from you. Im building my wedding rings out of the stones and they have been lovley. Still have about $1500.00 worth of stones to order next month. You have been great! Thank you!
Desiree M. of Kent WA (purchased melee diamonds and tanzanites)

Marc, The ruby ring arrived today and the beauty of the stones is far beyond what I expected from seeing the ring on the website. It is absolutely gorgeous. It makes me wonder how much more beautiful all of the rings are on your website. I am thrilled with it and the feel of platinum. The unheated yellow sapphire is gorgeous, too and a wonderful size. I would like to use that stone in the sapphire ring. As you said, I am sure that it will be even more bright when it has diamonds near it. Lets us it.
Kristi G of Gerradstown WV (purchased a custom ruby & diamond platinum ring)

Hi Marc, I am completely satisfied with the garnet. I have already put it into a ring setting and now have a beautiful large piece of jewelry to wear. The quality of the gem is truly wonderful and it looks like a big ruby.
L R Auve of Seattle WA (purchased red garnet cabochon)

Marc, I'm using the stone for a jewelry class this coming weekend and hope to receive it by Friday. By the way, my wife loves her wedding ring made with the alexandrite oval cut I bought from you about a year and a half ago. When I took it to the jeweler he said now that is a quality stone! Thanks,
Tom L. of Wenton WA (purchased loose chyrosphrase)

Hello Marc, I am very happy with both of my shopping experiences with AfricaGems, with the stones purchased as well as the service provided. Thank you and keep up the good work! Best regards, Nari O (purchased loose ruby)

Hi Marc, I got the stones and they are splendid. Still pinkish but definitely red. Thank you for your excellent service. I probably will not make it by the post office today, rushing to get ready and get out of town. But wanted to send you a note confirming receipt. I will mail the others back with the label you sent as soon as I return. Thanks again
James L. of Oklahoma City OK (purchased loose rubies)

The gems I got are beautiful. The ruby is smaller than I thought it would be, but it is a beautiful color. My suggestion would be to include examples of the sizes. For example, if a gem is advertised as a round 2 mm, then it would be helpful to include a picture of a 2mm circle to give the customer a visual idea of that size. thank you for following up.
Tami H. of Jacksonville FL (purchased loose ruby)

Hi Marc, It was perfect I purchased a college ring, but they did not provide an onyx stone. Yours was the right cut and looks amazing. now working on finding a jeweler to switch the stones. Have already mentioned your company on my blog. Thank you
Susan P. of Ontario CA (purchased onyx gemstone)

I received the earrings today. They look so great. I am sure my wife will love and appreciate the excellent product you provided. I will be back to you sometime after the new year. Good Job Thanks Again.
Rod R. of Olympia WA (purchased custom made blue sapphire earrings)

Hi Marc I have only one word EXCELLENT. Great service, fantastic product. Thank you very much. I will be back for more.
Cheers Anthony K. of London UK (purchased aquamarine gemstone)

Thanks Marc, Everything went smoothly and I was happy with the service. Will surely get back to you in the future about other purchases. Thanks
Mike B. of Portland OR (purchased a topaz gold ring)

Yes, the stone was just want my daughter wanted, it is set in a beautiful setting, I almost wanted to keep it
Karen F. of Cincinnati OH (purchased loose citrine gemstone)

Marc, I am and have been a client of your Dad's for years. I love his designs and stone and they top no one in the industry. I have had many compliments from all the rings I have purchased from him. People just marvel at the uniqueness of one of a kind. It gives me great pride to wear a Sarosi piece because I know it will get attention..lol.
Dolores L. (purchased many Andrew Sarosi rings)

Hi Marc, The white sapphires we ordered arrived promptly and have now been set into a beautiful eternity ring. Our jeweller was amazed at the quality. Many, many thanks
Mark K. of Adelaide Australia (purchased white sapphie gemstones)

Hi Marc, I wanted to tell you my daughter turned 18 yesterday and loves her new birthstone ring. Thank you again for all your help securing this for her. By any chance, do your records show the size I ordered Happy Thanksgiving,
Lorraine P. of Pam Desert CA (purchased citrine & diamond ring)

Hi Marc, Yes I'm quite satisfied with the gems, they look great. I was hoping they'd be matched but that was something that came after the order was put in and processed, plus I think I can make it work well with them slightly different anyway, so alls well that ends well. I apologize for not following up with you sooner, I archived our correspondence to rule out any accidental exposure - and as the old saying goes, out of sight out of mind. All in all I'm very pleased with my experience, thank you very much. Best regards,
Scott B. of St. Johns Canada (purchased loose amethyst)

My pink passion topaz is exquisite. It is already set in a lovely yellow gold setting and I have received many compliments on its beautiful color. Thank you so much for being in this trade. You actually make dreams come true.
Ronda A. from New York (purchased topaz gemstone)

Hi Marc, Thank you for your letter and invoice which has arrived in this morning's post. I am delighted with the ring, and enjoyed showing it off to my family and friends over the weekend. I hope to be able to buy another ring from you next year, perhaps an aquamarine, Anyway, thanks again for your wonderful service.
Sincerely, Jean S. from U.K (purchased peridot and diamond ring)

Hello Marc, Firstly, the stone arrived today at about 1100, which is excellent. Two days from the US is unbelievable, it takes the royal mail that long to deliver letters from one end of the UK to the other. Secondly, this stone is stunning! It is perfect, exactly as Billie was hoping it would be. We are dealing with a bespoke jeweller to get the ring made. Before we found you, he also sourced some sapphires for us. They didn't even come close to this, the only one that was suitable was very very slightly smaller, but it had a very noticeable window on the underside and it also was a lot lighter in colour. It was also £1300, compared to the £762 that you charged (after exchange rates and shipping etc) and it didn't come with a GIA certificate. So basically you seriously undercut him on price AND you provided a superior sapphire in the process. He also was the cheapest out of all the jewellers we spoke to, so you seriously wiped the floor with the others. Thank you so much for you help, and your understanding. Rest assured, I will recommend you to anybody that I come across who is looking for gemstones, especially sapphires. Feel free to post this on your website if you so wish. I wish you all the best and every success in the future.
Alan K. from U.K. (purchased blue sapphire gemstone)

Howdy, Marc Sorry I didn't get a chance to get back to you sooner, but I worked until late yesterday evening, and just got home tonight. I am absolutely thrilled with the antique cushion cut tanzanite! It is exactly what I was looking for in color and size. I will be taking it to my jeweler tomorrow to have him set it in a setting I previously purchased.
Diane B. (purchased loose Tanzanite)

I just wanted to let you know I love my recently purchased Lemon Quartz Oval Cut Checkerboard Gemstone. It shimmers and shines beautifully. I've already recieved positive compliments. Thank you,
Lynne M. (purchased lemon quartz gem)

Marc, yes sir i am satisfied with my purchase from you and everything worked out fine. i really dont have any constructive criticism but i do appreciate how you fixed the next day delivery problem i had and would just like to say thanks and i will think of you during my next purchase
Jason M.(purchased blue sapphire)

Marc, Thank you for the gems- they are beautiful and just what I wanted. I will be checking the websute occasionally to see what else is available.
Mike B.(purchased a parti colored tourmaline)

Hi Marc, I just wanted to let you know that I dropped the package off at UPS early, yesterday afternoon.It should be well on its way by now. Thanks for promptly sending me the correct stone. It was very beautiful. Pleasure doing business with you. Sincerely
Allan M. from River Forest IL (purchased red garnet gem)

Hi Marc, The ring was great, she loved it. It was unique and draws attention to it. Thank you for all your assistance.
John H from Tulsa OK (purchased multi colored gemstone ring)

Hello Marc, I just wanted to say thank you and the gems are beautiful, much better than expected. I was shaking with excitment when I was opening the packages. Thank you so much. I can't wait to see what the stones look like set. I am making a mother's wedding ring withthe sapphire and baquettes and I think they will look fabulous. Again thank you and I look forward to purchasing from you again.
Juli B. from APO (purchased 10 loose gemstones)

Marc, My wife loved the new custom citrine ring. Thank you for all your help.
Dave W. from NY, NY (purchased custom made citrine gold ring)

Marc, I apologize for not letting you know the citrine ring came, and that I love it, I am sure my daughter will too. Her birthday is in November, so it is hidden away. Thank you again for working with me. I will definitely come back to your site in the future. Have a great weekend
Lorraine B. from Palm Desert CA (purchased citrine diamond ring)

Hi Marc, Not knowing quite how to leave feed back on the site , I decided to leave it here. No words can discribe how I felt when I opened my package. What a surprise. I was expecting one of the paler shades but my Malaia Garnet was such a richly saturated stone filled with golden tones and sultry pink shades, all in one. Thank you so much and I will be back for more.
Caroline M. from LA, CA (purchased Malaia garnet)

Marc,I am very pleased with my purchase. I paired the stone with another loose stone to create a custom mother's ring and it looks stunning. Thanks
Kevin J. from California (purchased purple sapphire gem)

Hi Marc, Thank you very much for following up with me. I was a little upset that you mailed my package to my billing address and not my shipping address. I had to get my sister to overnight it to me which cost me even more money. Other than that I am VERY VERY PLEASED with the stones Thank you very much. I will check out your website and write a review. Thank you very much and have a great day.
Dipo O. from New York (purchased swiss blue topaz)

Hi Marc, the alex ring arrived today safely, it was wonderful to finally receive it. The stone is as you said, it is beautiful, with a much better colour change than the oval from previously. The other documents going to Grande Prairie have yet to arrive, and I'm guessing it will take a few more days for that to happen, once they are forwarded to me and arrive safely, I will notify you of such. Thank you for making all of this happen, it's been quite a process. Thank you. best
patrice k. from Edmonton Canada (purchased custom made platinum Alexandrite ring)

Mark hi! I got rings and stone today morning. I love all of them. Thank you very much.
Irina S. from London UK (purchased two Andrew Sarosi rings and loose tourmaline gemstone)

Hi Marc,The gem I ordered was exactly what I hoped for and is being enjoyed very much. Thank you. I'll definitely be keeping your site in my bookmarks for the next time I'm looking for gemstones. Best
Cynthia R. from Livermore CA (purchased Mystic Topaz)

The diamonds were perfect. exactly what I was expecting. The customer was thrilled with the sparkle and color as the diamond she had lost was not as good a quality. Thank you and I look forward to doing more business with you in the future.Sincerely
Estelle L. from Lansdowne VA (purchased melee diamonds)

iam sorry it took me so long to get back to you marc,the stones are so very nice, my husband and i are celabrating our 10th anniversary at the end of aug. so my husband and i had my wedding ring coustom made and the blue heart sapphire was used as an eye for my dolphin and the blue round sapphire was put into my husbands wedding ring so thank you for the really nice stones they mean alot.
Chris B. from Canada (purchased 2 blue sapphire gemstones)

I received the Tanzanite ring on Tuesday. It was well worth the wait. It is absolutely gorgeous! The color saturation in the tanzanite is amazing- I just can't stop looking at it. It was a pleasure dealing with you. Now I need to save up for my next dream ring-Paraiba Tourmaline. Thanks for everything.
Victoria G. from New York, NY (purchased custom Tanzanite & Diamond Ring

Marc, The pleasure was all mine. Thank you for your flexibel approach and the nice stones.
Guido C. from Greenville NC (purchased matched pair of Alexandrites)

Hi Marc, I most definately love and appreciate the white topaz gemstone. The cut is breathtaking. Once again you prove quality is your motto. I have ordered in the past with you, a knock out tanzanite and several morganites. I have complete faith that when ordering with you, I will get the best. Thank you so much for the correspondence fast ship. Sincerely
Karen F. from Tampa FL (purchased a white topaz gemstone)

Marc, I received the emeralds, radiant, deep green. Also made a payment on the credit card. Appreciate you working with me on the payment plan and budget. First time I purchased loose gem stones. Will keep you in mind for future needs.
Timothy N. (purchased matched pair of fne quality emeralds)

Hi Marc, The diamonds arrived on Wednesday morning, and they gorgeous. I'm really happy with them, you were able to get me better quality and color than I was expecting to be able to get, and your prices were excellent. Thank you again so much for your help. Here's a photo of what things are going to look like. I'll send a photo when the ring is finished.
Tracey M. (purchased loose diamonds)

Hi, Marc! Electric green! This peridot ring is spectacular. The diamonds are so bright and white and frame the stone so perfectly. I'm a huge fan of this bridge setting, too. It is the birthstone ring I have been wanting all my life and now I have it. Thank you so much!
Kathy D. (purchased peridot and diamond ring)

I drove to the Fed ex warehouse in a crummy rain and opened it in the crummy parking lot in my car in the rain. Probably not the best lighting to open a package of this sort. I had hoped for a strong orange and there it was. I am very pleased! The e cert was also a pleasant su