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Marc, Thank you for all of your help in selecting the right diamond for my ring. The jeweler placed the diamond in my ring and it could not be more perfect. Your professionalism is great. I will purchase only gems from you. You made it so simple to exchange the diamond for the correct size. Sharon C. bought loose diamond of Salt Lake City UT

Hello Marc, I received the Aquamarine, Alexandrite, Citrine, and Yellow Diamond gemstones - they are beautiful, full of sparkle. Sincerely Appreciative, Fern W. of New Orleans LA

Hello Mr. Sarosi, I LOVE LOVE the sapphire ring!!! Thank you so much! Is there anywhere you would like me to leave a (super glowing and enthusiastic) review? I was on pricescope a lot for help finding a good sapphire, and so I was planning on posting pictures and crediting you on the forums there once I take a proper photo. Thank you again! Madeleine S. of Palo Alto CA

Marc, Just wanted to let you know that my wife loves the peridot pendant. Yesterday was her birthday and you helped make it memorable. Thanks Ed B of Lancaster CA

Hi Marc - got back from Portland after a fun 4 days there. After cleaning up everything at the store upon my return and a weekend to recover, I am in a position now to take a very hard look at that blue tourmaline you sent up to me. , .. my conclusion is that this blue tourmaline is a great stone - several times, I saw the intensity of blue in the video you provided, and it really, truly is a beautiful stone. The clarity is great and the colour is true. So in the end, you'll be happy to hear: it's a keeper - no need for a return authroization!!!! ;) Thanks Marc for your patience and understanding in this process - it's one of the few times I didn't immediately 'fall in love' with a piece I've acquired. I think this one could make a nice pendant, but I think ring might be the fate of this stone... white gold setting, solitaire, a little line of diamonds on each side - that should set up nicely! And the stone requires light from above to really show its strengths and colour off well. Thanks again, my friend!Ed S of Vancouver CA (bought loose tourmaline)

Marc, The alexanderite ring is lovely. Thank you very much-- I will be a repeat customer! Thanks, Tori B. of Rocky River OH (bought custom alexandrite ring)

Sorry for the delay in sending this note, but I