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<b>Heirloom Peridot</b>
Heirloom Peridot
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Peridot Pairs
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Peridot Gemstones from
All of the Peridot Gemstones gems in our vast collection of Peridots are selected for color, clarity and very importantly the quality of the cut. Our Peridot Gemstones are not heavy native cut gems. They are all well proportioned, symmetrical and faceted and polished to high standards. This is very important as the end result is a much better-looking gemstone and finished piece of jewelry. Although the price per carat might be higher than our competitors, you will not be paying for "excess" carat weight when you purchase a Peridot gemstone from

Natural Peridot Gemstone Collection at
All of our Peridot Gemstones are professionally graded by a professional gemologist and fully guaranteed. See our Industry Leading Gemstone Buying Advantage Program. We have an impressive collection of very high-quality Peridot Gemstones in stock of all shapes and sizes. Our main Peridot source is the San Carlos Indian reservation in Arizona which produces an exceptional quality Peridot. These gems are bright, lively and display a beautiful yellowish-green color that looks gorgeous in any metal. See our selection of gorgeous Peridot Gemstone Rings .

Loose Peridot Gemstones
Are all-natural and have undergone no special gemstone treatments. Plus, all the loose gemstones you’ll find with us are subject to strict quality standards so you receive the absolute best quality gemstone. In fact, we’re so certain you’ll love our loose gemstones that we offer you our Gemstone Buying Advantage Program at no cost. So check out our selection of loose Peridot Gemstones today. See our Unique Certified Gemstone Buying Advantage Program!

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