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AfricaGems carries a complete selection of finer quality genuine gemstones, both faceted gems and cabochon gemstones in the finer qualities, both semi precious and precious categories, from Alexandrite to Zircon loose gems. 

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When it comes to diamonds, we've all heard about the Four C's: Cut, Clarity, Color and Carats, which determine the value of a diamond. But when it comes to precious and semi-precious colored gemstones, there is an entirely different way to value a gem. Most people are aware about the monopolistic nature of the diamond industry. Therefore, in a market where prices are fully controlled by the suppliers, they can determine pricing purely based on the four attributes listed above. However, since the supply of colored gemstones is much less and there is no one organization controlling the supply or pricing, the price of loose colored gemstones is based on a fair market, supply and demand price, which tends to reflect the true value of the gem. While the 4 C's are a great metric for comparing gemstones of the same color and variety, when comparing different gemstones size and rarity are also important factors. In addition, beauty, durability and portability will add value to a gemstone. AfricaGems is proud to offer a wide range of loose natural semi precious colored gemstones.

What's Your Favorite Color and What Does it Say About You? - Shop for Gemstones in Your Favorite Color
What is your favorite color? When you open your closet, what colors jump out at you the most? When you look around a room you decorated, what colors are the most apparent? Every person has different associations with each color and we tend to chose to surround ourselves with colors that invoke positivity. Therefore, when buying loose gemstones and gemstone jewelry, it is very helpful to start with the color of choice and then go from there. Most people are unaware of the myriad varieties of gemstones and their colors which span the entire spectrum of the rainbow. If you go crazy over the color red but can't afford Rubies, just check out all of the other Red gemstones that are more affordable substitutes like Red Spinel and Madeira Citrine. Or if you just love Green but don't want to shell out for an Emerald, you can choose from less expensive look-alike stones such as Tsavorite Garnet and Chrome Tourmaline. The beauty of this section is that you can shop by color to find a range of shades and prices that match your tastes and your budget. Don't forget that FREE shipping is included on all purchases of loose colored gemstones

Amazing Loose Gemstones in Every Color - Best Discount Colored Gemstones for SALE
This is your chance to shop for fantastic loose gemstones in whichever colors you are drawn to. We offer top quality loose stones at wholesale prices. Our selection is all inclusive with almost every gemstone variety in tons of shapes and sizes. We offer large, free sized stones as well as smaller standard sized calibrated gemstones. Whatever color, shape and size you are looking for, AfricaGems can offer you multiple options that meet your criteria. With our multitude of amazing loose gemstones, your imagination is the only limiting factor in creating unique and beautiful gemstone jewelry.

Best Discount Loose Gemstones in Every Color of the Rainbow - Beautiful Gems in Every Shade There is
For people with an artistic eye and an understanding of color, every tint and hue of each color category is an entirely new color with its own energy and aura. When you click on a color section your eyes will be treated to a feast of many gemstones in shades and hues of each color. We are sure you will enjoy finding gemstones in all of the beautiful colors that they come in.

What Makes a Gemstone Valuable?
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