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The term cabochon describes gemstones that have a smooth concave surface and a flat back. While the cabochon style is most popular for opaque gemstones like turquoise, opal and the chalcedony family of gems, transparent stones can also be formed into a cabochon shape and this style has become increasingly popular in upscale jewelry design in the last decade. The sleek, soft look of cabochon cut gemstones is especially suitable for contemporary and unique cabochon jewelry designs. Pairing different sizes, shapes and colors of cabochon gemstones together can create a very rich and stylish effect. Get creative with our amazing selection of loose cabochon gemstones for SALE.

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The name Elizabeth Taylor has come to be synonymous with fancy and extravagant jewelry. She popularized the cabochon gemstone look when she received a cabochon sapphire engagement ring from one of her husbands. Jacqueline Kennedy was revered for her superb taste in all realms of style and much of her lavish gemstone jewelry was in the cabochon style: she wore a cabochon garnet flower brooch, cabochon ruby dangly earrings and also a cabochon ruby necklace. Most, if not all, white and black Opals are made into cabochons and there are many famous and historical cabochon Opal gemstones. The Andamooka Opal, also known as the Queen's Opal, weighs a whopping 203 carats and is the finest Opal ever to be found in Australia. The Galaxy's Opal made the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's largest polished opal weighing over 5,000 carats.

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