What is a Jewelry Finding? - How Do I Create Custom Jewelry With Jewelry Findings?
Jewelry findings are defined as the individual parts or components that come together to form a complete piece of jewelry. For example, a gemstone ring is comprised of a band or shank, a setting for the gemstone and a gemstone. When it comes to earrings and pendants, there are definitely more components that go into the process. Bails are the pieces that connect the chain to the pendant piece. Many people might not pay attention to this detail, but an elaborate or simple bail can totally change the look of an entire piece of jewelry. When it comes to earrings, simple stud earrings can be comprised of a mounting or setting and gemstone, but dangly earrings need to be constructed from either an ear wire, leverback or a post back ring base to which can be added a dangling component. Connecting different parts of jewelry together sometimes requires either a simple jump ring or a dangle with a jump ring. Again, this aspect of the jewelry piece can range from extremely simplistic to more ornate. AfricaGems also offers preset findings which have diamond accents already included to create a more decorative sparkly piece of jewelry.