Genuine Loose Emerald Gemstones for Sale at AfricaGems - Highest Quality

Loose Emerald quality, regardless of origin are very difficult to judge online.  AfricaGems has a very large selection of finer quality emerald gems to select from.  We concentrate in emeralds that are typically used in rings and pendants, with some emerald matched pairs as well. 
The reason for the difficulty in judging emerald gemstone quality is that the unique color of emeralds is due to trace aounts of elements in the crystal structure which gives emerald gemstones that unique emerald color.  Most digital cameras cannot pickup and recreate that color so emeralds tend to look not so great on a computer or phone screen.  In addition the typical inclusions of emeralds tend to be magnified as well. 
You can rely on AfricaGems to have the finest quality emerald gemstones at the lowest prices available.  

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