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Customize A Vintage or Sculptural Engagement Ring With a Colored Gemstone and Your Choice of Metal Type and Accents
Vintage Style Engagement Ring Mountings for SALE – Ring Mountings With Sculptural Details
In today’s modern fast paced world where trends come and go at break-neck speed, there is something refreshing and wonderful to reconnect with a simpler time. The crux of vintage style is a refusal to accept that just because a trend is new doesn’t mean its better. True beauty is the same today as it was 100 years ago and contemporary fashions are not necessarily improvements on the styles of yore. With intricate metal work and detailed sculptural designs, these ring mountings are full of old world charm and classic elegance. When choosing an engagement ring, going with the trendy option will just date your ring, letting everyone who sees it know the year you were married. A vintage style engagement ring, with their rich ornate styles that epitomized luxury in centuries past, will be something you can wear forever without it ever looking passé, as well as pass down as an heirloom item as your legacy. Customize your perfect vintage sculptural style engagement ring with over 17 metal type options.

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