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3 Stone
Customizable Three Stone Engagement Ring Mountings and Gold Ring Mountings for 3 Stone Engagement Rings
Three Stone Engagement Ring Mountings – Customize A 3-Stone Engagement Ring & Choose Gemstones, Accents & Metal Type
Three stone rings are undeniably beautiful. The addition of two side stones adds extra bling, more dimension and drama and it could even create an unexpected color pop to accentuate the center gemstone. Yet beyond the obvious appeal of three stone engagement rings, these rings are rich with meaning and significance. To many people, the three stones of the ring represent past, present and future: the past holds dear memories yet looks to a time before the relationship, the present represents the love and unity that the couple has achieved at the current moment, and the future points to the promise of the beautiful life that the couple has ahead of them that will be created through their undying love. Ironically, though the three gemstones are symbolically linked to time, their true meaning speaks of a love that is eternal and timeless. This type of ring is perfect for someone who wants their jewelry to go beneath the surface so that piece is more than just an accessory, it’s an expression of who they are and the relationship that they’re in.

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