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Akoya Pearls
Loose Akoya Cultured Pearls - Stunning for Classic and Modern Jewelry Designs
Facts About the Akoya Oyster
The Akoya Oyster, the Pinctada fucata martensil, produces the lovely lustrous Akoya pearl and is found mainly in China and Japan. In the early 20th century saltwater Akoya Oysters were the first to be farmed making Akoya pearls the first cultured pearl. On average, the Akoya Oyster adults will have a diameter of 3 to 5 inches, the tiniest of all pearl-producing oysters. As such, Akoya pearls are found in mainly small sizes from 2.00mm to 11.00mm, however the Akoya pearls in the larger end of the spectrum are more rare and valuable.

How Are Akoya Pearls Cultured?
The method of culturing Akoya Pearls with extreme accuracy was discovered by a Japanese man named Kokichi Mikimoto. Before Mikimoto, pearls were cultured by placing a foreign substance on the outer shell of the pearl that would act as a natural irritant and cause the oyster to release its silky nacre as a defense against the object. Mikimoto took this process to a whole new level by injecting an object into the oyster; A piece of pig-toe shell is used as this is the only substance that will not be rejected by the Akoya Oyster. From this novel technique, known as bead-nucleation, Mikimoto created oyster farms and the entire Akoya pearl industry was born.

Loose Beautiful Akoya Cultured Pearls
While mainly colored the classic whitish pearly hue, Akoya pearls contain overtones of rose, silver, ivory, and cream. We also carry black Akoya pearls which offer a unique alternative and are great for a contemporary look. Akoya pearls are prized for their amazing luster