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Ametrine Gemstones - Rare Bi Colored Quartz
The gemstone known as Ametrine comes from the combination of the word Amethyst and Citrine. Ametrine gemstones are a quartz gemstone, and quartz crystals that are found with both the colors of Amethyst and Citrine are called Ametrine. Typically cut into rectangular shapes such as emerald or cushions which best display the beautiful lavender purple color of Amethyst and the golden yellow color of Citrine. It can also be faceted in a way that blends the two different colors into very interesting patterns throughout the gemstone. Ametrine is sometimes called bi color quartz as well.
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Ametrine Comes from Only One Mine
Ametrine is actually a rare gemstone considering that 99% of the commercial production is from one mine in the entire world. Considering how inexpensive the gemstone is, this is quite an amazing fact. Ametrine is mined from the Anahi Mine in Bolivia. This Ametrine mine has been known for centuries as has the Ametrine which was introduced to Europeans by the conquering conquistadors of Bolivia.
Ametrine Used in Jewelry
As a quartz gemstone, Ametrine is very durable and hard and is suitable for any kind of jewelry. Ametrine is also quite popular with gemstone carvers and special lapidaries which turn these special bi colored quartz gemstones into true works of crystal art.
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