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Alexandrite Rings
Natural Alexandrite Rings in Stunning Genuine Alexandrite Gemstone Engagement Rings
Say “I Do” To Alexandrite – Shop Gorgeous Alexandrite Engagement Solitaire Rings With Diamond Accents
Why is it that colored stones are becoming increasingly popular for engagement rings? Well, the more poignant question is why diamonds held the monopoly on engagement rings for so long. How could it be that such an expensive tradition has survived so many decades? More than that, it seems so herdlike for every married woman to wear a similar ring with the exact same center gemstone to celebrate her matrimony. And why do we even need to celebrate marriage with a ring altogether? Okay, let’s not get carried away, if a woman has a milestone that facilitates a new piece of jewelry, there’s no reason to start questioning traditions in that sense. But if you are the type to go against the grain and uproot conventions, yet you still enjoy beautiful jewelry and bling, an Alexandrite gemstone ring is the perfect choice to celebrate your upcoming nuptials.

Meaningful & Symbolic Alexandrite Gemstone Engagement Rings for SALE - Shop Discount Alexandrite Solitaire Rings
The unique color changing aspect of Alexandrite gems, from purple to green, can represent the beautiful symbolism of change and metamorphosis that comes with marriage. The two colors that are displayed in one gemstone can also represent the two spouses coming together in one union, and though different—purple and green are on the opposite ends of the color wheel—they coexist beautifully and harmoniously within a single gem. It’s time to start your own tradition! Find the perfect genuine Alexandrite Engagement Ring!

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