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Good Looking Colorless Imitation Diamonds for April Birthstone Jewelry - Non Genuine Diamonds for SALE
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Beautiful Top Quality Imitation Diamonds from AfricaGems Ė Shop Non Genuine Diamonds in Standard Sizes
Diamonds might be a girlís best friend, but they are not a walletís best friend. Sometimes, the look of diamonds is more important than the actual genuine stone, and thatís where imitation Diamonds come in. These non genuine diamonds come in a wide range of standard sizes and gemstone shapes. Perfect for a custom jewelry project thatís suitable for daily wear, non-genuine diamonds are the perfect alternative to expensive diamonds. In order to get a beautiful natural diamond, you need to pay top dollar to get something decently sized with a gorgeous white color and no inclusions. Yet, when it comes to imitation diamonds, you can get a nice sized gemstone with a colorless hue and no inclusions. Because these are manufactured stones, they are more uniform in color, which lends nicely to using multiple stones in one piece of jewelry, since there are no problems with matching stones. These calibrated sized loose imitation diamonds are suitable for any standard mounting. Enjoy FREE shipping and FREE returns at AfricaGems. All non genuine diamonds are in stock and ready to ship.

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