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Citrine Pendants
Stylish Citrine Pendants for SALE - Unique Genuine Golden Genuine Citrine Stones set in Gold & Sterling Silver Pendants
Citrine Pendants - Beautiful and Affordable Citrine Pendants at AfricaGems
The mellow gold of citrine captures attention and brightens our moods. A sunny quartz whose name comes from “lemon.” Cheerful and full of light, this sparkling gem was once thought to protect the wearer against various evils—from snake venom to wicked thoughts. Today, it’s radiant color is associated with joyfulness, youth and vitality. Wearable, affordable and fashionable, Citrine’s shimmering yellow draws the eye and captivates the viewer. Citrine makes a great gift for those born in November, as well as those born under the sign of Gemini. Citrine is also the gem used to commemorate the 11th and 13th wedding anniversaries.

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In addition to the classic golden Citrine, we also carry the lovely Madeira Citrine—suffused with tones of amber, orange and honeyed caramel. This intoxicating takes its name from the legendary wines of Madeira off the coast of Africa. Madeira Citrine is energetic, sophisticated and a superbly confident color. Its organic rich hue brings a touch of warmth to fashions, complementing other earthy shades, such as chocolate, olive, gold and pumpkin. For those who seek an unusual, wearable gem, Madeira Citrine is a fantastic choice.

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Our stunning Citrine pendants are set in yellow gold, white gold and there are even a few two-toned settings. The styles range from the uniquely modern to the simply classic—each one radiating with an alluring beauty. The warm autumn hues of Citrine are extremely flattering as a necklace, accentuating the golden overtones of tan skin, the subtle highlights of sun in the hair, and giving the skin a youthful, dewy glow. All of our gorgeous Citrine pendants come with a free, matching chain and some pendants even have matching rings.

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