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Yellow Sapphire
Yellow Sapphire - Beautiful Canary Yellow Sapphires - Loose Yellow Sapphires Are Available at AfricaGems
<b>Yellow Sapphire Pairs</b>
Yellow Sapphire Pairs
15 Available

Beautiful Yellow Sapphire Gemstones from

Natural Yellow sapphire gemstones are, along with blue sapphire and pink sapphires the most popular of the sapphire gemstone family. High quality natural yellow sapphire gemstones should have a pure yellow color, with no hints of golden, orange or brownish secondary colors. Loose, high quality faceted yellow sapphire gems have always been an AfricaGems trademark. We select our yellow sapphire gems for color, clarity and price. The gem producing island nation of Sri Lanka is the primary source for fine quality yellow sapphires. The most important factor in determining quality is purity and desirability of color. Gems with any brown, yellow or orange tones are not as valuable. The brighter and purer the yellow color the more valuable the sapphire is. Flaws greatly diminish the value of yellow sapphires, much more so than pink sapphire or blue sapphires.. Most yellow sapphires are heat treated and are color permanent. Natural color yellow sapphires command higher prices than heat treated gems. will disclose all gemstone treatments on any gemstone we sell.
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